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A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy
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YA Fantasy Showdown


Forget book versus book tournaments, with the limitation of what actually happens in the book.

Instead, take the characters out of their story. Evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Then pit them together in a duel. What happens when Christopher Chant goes against Hermione Granger? Find out in YA Fantasy Showdown!

For those of us with a weakness for crossover fanfiction, this is the ultimate crossover event.

For those not quite sure what is going on, check out the How this Works post by organizer Heather Zundel of  the blog, The Secret Adventures of Writer Girl. Take a peak at the full list of characters, including the initial brackets.

Hmm…  I know who I want to win. But some of these characters are known for really rising to a challenge. I’m looking forward to reading who wins, and why!

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  1. Fun! So far the girls are in the lead!

  2. That’s very cool. Thanks for letting us know!

    Will SLJ add your blog to the drop down menu (under blogs)?

  3. So much fun! Now I’m curious to know who you want to win. :)