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A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy
Inside A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy

Kidlit Con

One week ago, I met Melissa Wiley for the first and hundredth time — first in real life, but it felt like the hundredth in a good way because of all the talking done online. I was having fab talk with people who I only see, at best, once a year at a conference like this. I was […]

Review: The Demon’s Covenant


The Demon’s Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan. Simon & Schuster. 2010. Personal copy. The Plot: The story of Alan, Nick, Mae, and Jamie starts not that long after the events of The Demon’s Lexicon. Demons, magicians, and battles, oh my. The Good: There will be spoilers. For those who have not read The Demon’s Lexicon: […]

Review: What We Left Behind in Jacksonville

ghost story

What We Left Behind in Jacksonville by Colleen Mondor (of Chasing Ray). Short story at Strange Horizons, October 25 2010. The Plot: Bridget, the narrator, is on her way to the Jaycee Annual Haunted House with the rest of her friends. As the high school students giggle and flirt, as cool guy Jack has his […]

Review: The Ring of Solomon


The Ring of Solomon: A Bartimaeus Novel by Jonathan Stroud. Disney Hyperion Books. 2010. Reviewed from unedited version from publisher. The Plot: Jerusalem, 950 B.C.E. King Solomon (yes, that King Solomon) rules Israel with wisdom and strength. And a ring — a ring that gives him unbelievable powers. King Solomon controls Israel, including the magicians […]


I promise, I promise, you will read more from me about Kidlitcon. In the meanwhile, read the recaps gathered at the Kidlitcon Blog. And look at the photos. And since this is all about me, here is a photo of me I don’t hate.

Review: The Mockingbirds


The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney. Little, Brown. 2010. Reviewed from ARC from publisher. The Plot: Themis Academy is a boarding school that believes its students are so good that they never do anything wrong. No, really. They have an honor code, a student code! Themis students are so wonderful they always live up to the […]

Review: Wildthorn


Wildthorn by Jane Eagland. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2010. Reviewed from ARC from ALA. The Plot: Louisa Cosgrove, 17, is supposed to be at the Woodvilles as a companion for their eldest daughter. Not exactly her choice, but in Victorian England she has to do what her older brother and mother say. The carriage stops and […]

KidlitCon 2010


Tomorrow, I leave for KidlitCon! Registration is available onsite, so if you’re not sure about attending, please come! I can be really, really, really bad with names. I may know your Twitter handle but blank on your real name, or know your blog but not know what you look like. So when we meet in […]

Review: Only The Good Spy Young


Only the Good Spy Young by Ally Carter. Disney Hyperion. 2010. Personal Copy. The Plot: Life is never boring for Cammie Morgan, Gallagher Girl and spy-in-training. Winter vacation in London with her friend Bex turns into something more. No, really, something much more, even for Cammie. She is going to need all her skills, all […]

Favorite Books Read in 2009

You’ve seen my Favorite Books Read (so far) in 2010. For a blast to the not-so-distant past (that is, last year), here is list of my Favorite Books Read in 2009. As a reminder, it’s a subjective list of books I like. Here the list of books; the link to my original review; and a quote from that […]