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A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy
Inside A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy

Review: Room


Room by Emma Donoghue. Little, Brown. 2010. Borrowed copy. The Plot: Five year old Jack lives with Ma in Room. His entire life, all he knows, is within these four walls. Rug, with the spot on it from when he was born. Bed, where he wakes up with Ma in the morning. Wardrobe, where he […]

James Frey, Young Adult Author?

James Frey has turned his attention to the young adult market. Rejoice? James Frey’s Fiction Factory by Suzanne Mozes at the New York Magazine (including Read the Brutal Contract) and James Frey’s Next Act by Katherine Rosman and Lauren A.E. Schuker at the Wall Street Journal combined give an interesting, inside look at Frey’s choice […]

Review: Dark Water


Dark Water by Laura McNeal. Knopf Books, an imprint of Random House. 2010. Review copy from publisher. The Plot: Pearl DeWitt is fifteen when she first sees Amiel de la Cruz Guerrero, a seventeen year old migrant worker. She cannot stop thinking about him. She asks her uncle, who owns an avocado grove, to hire Amiel. Her […]

Review: Lockdown


Lockdown by Walter Dean Myers. Amistad, an imprint of Harper Collins. 2010. Copy borrowed from friend. The Plot: Maurice “Reese” Anderson will be fifteen in a month. For the last twenty-two months, he’s been at the Progress Center for young offenders aged twelve to sixteen. He’s on a special work-release program a few days a […]

Adult Books 4 Teens

School Library Journal has added another blog: Adult Books 4 Teens. As explained in its debut post, “The Adult [Books] 4 Teen blog was created to replace the School Library Journal print column, Adult Books for High School Students, last seen over 9 months ago. I’m sure many of you shared my dismay when we realized the […]

Review: Beautiful Darkness


Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. Little Brown. 2010. Reviewed from ARC from ALA. Part of the Novel Noise blog tour. Spoilers for Beautiful Creatures. This is the type of series best read in order; so if you haven’t read Beautiful Creatures, here is my review and interview with the authors from last […]

Review: Mockingbird


Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine. Philomel Books, a division of Penguin Young Reader Group. 2010. Review copy from publisher. The Plot: Ten year old Caitlin’s older brother Devon is dead. Such a devastating loss would be hard for any child to understand. For Caitlin, it is even harder because she is a child with Asperger’s syndrome. […]

YA Lit Symposium


Today, I leave for the YALSA 2010 Young Adult Literature Symposium. While I haven’t made up my mind about the programs I will be attending, I signed up for three extras. First, the Friday preconference Meet Them Where They Are and Open the Door: Urban Teens, Street Lit, and Reader’s Advisory. Second, the Bill Morris Memorial […]

Review: Invisible Things


Invisible Things by Jenny Davidson. HarperCollins. 2010. Reviewed from ARC from publisher. Companion to The Explosionist. The Plot: 1938. Sophie Hunter, sixteen, has fled Scotland for Denmark. Had she stayed in Scotland, she would have been forcibly brainwashed to become a perfect secretary for the “good of the country.” Denmark appears to be a safe harbor. She […]

How Much Does a Reviewer Really Know?

Over at Fuse #8, Betsy asked “How much is an author obligated to say?” and there was quite the healthy discussion. In a nutshell, for the small handful of you who don’t read Betsy and don’t click over to her post or clicked over and thought tl;dr, Betsy ponders those who read Mockingbird by Erskine, […]