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A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy
Inside A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy

Round Three: Cardturner v Keeper

Match: The Cardturner v. Keeper Judge: Grace Lin Listen to this — no, really! LISTEN. Lin both read and listened to the two books in this round, The Cardturner and Keeper. Lin, on those differences: “To save time, I listened to many of them on audio book while I worked on illustrations or commuted. One […]

Round Two: Grimm v Trash

Match: A Tale Dark and Grimm v Trash Judge: Pete Hautman Hautman decides to channel his inner younger self while reading these two books. A Tale Dark and Grimm is “a forbidden fruit deliciousness here—like being a kid and having your most favorite and funniest uncle telling you stories that might make your overly-protective helicopter […]

Round Two: Odyssey v Solomon

Match: The Odyssey v. The  Ring of Solomon (my review) Judge: Patricia Reilly Giff I love you, Patricia Reilly Giff. Having just stayed up till 2 in the morning reading a book because the thought of sleeping before finishing it was unthinkable (White Cat by Holly Black), I so appreciate this description of that “I should be […]

Round Two: Barbie v Keeper

Match: Barbie v Keeper Judge: Naomi Shihab Nye Nye is a poet, and she starts with allusions to one of my favorite poems from one of my favorite poetry books: Robert Louis Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verses. Nye’s own language is wonderful: “Languid, overheated/chilled lostness enables focused horizontal absorption into material,” “bravado-spirit,” “Americana historiana,” […]

Round Two: Cardturner v Countdown

Match: The Cardturner v Countdown Judge: Laura Amy Schlitz Let us be clear about something: all the books in contention for SLJ BoB are good books, or they wouldn’t be here on this list. One may say that a book is not a perfect book, but how often are books perfect? One may say other […]

Round One: Trash v 2WG

Match: Trash by Andy Mulligan v Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan. Judge: Mitali Perkins Perkins approached this by examining the elements of the two books. I have to laugh at this, because it is so familiar! I don’t have a “list” that I use for reviews, but when I’ve been on a committee I […]

Round One: Tale v KKK

Match: A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz v They Called Themselves the K.K.K. by Susan Campbell Bartoletti (my review) Judge: R.L. Stine R.L. Stine – best known for the nightmares he creates for readers in his books. Guess what? Stine can add another notch to the nightmares he gives — this time to authors! Stine is […]

Round One: Solomon v World

Match: The Ring of Solomon by Jonathan Stroud (my review) v Sugar Changed the World by Marc Aronson and Marina Budhos Judge: Adam Rex Oh, sugar, sugar. You know what is made of awesome sauce? Using footnotes in writing about a Bartimaeus novel. Rex gets it! “I’m even going to go out on a limb and say that […]

Round One: Odyssey v Summer

Match: The Odyssey by Gareth Hinds v One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia (my review) Judge: Karen Hesse I sit, clicking through links, oh, look! The latestSLJ Bob decision! Reading, uh huh, uh huh…. Wait, what? Hesse picked WHAT? Listen…. that is the sound of everyone’s SLJ BOB’s predictions crumbling.

Round One: Mirka v Keeper

Match: Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword by Barry Deutsch v Keeper by Kathi Appelt Judge: Susan Patron Part of the fun and strategy of doing your own brackets for SLJ Bob is trying to get into the head of the judge. As of today, I’m 50/50 split, guessing two correctly; guessing one incorrectly; and allowing hope […]