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Guys Lit Wire Book Fair

Every year, Guys Lit Wire has a virtual book fair to benefit a library.

From the Guys Lit Wire website: “It is with an enormous amount of excitement that I can announce this year’s Guys Lit Wire Book Fair! We will be working with Powells Books again, this time to send books to the east coast to Ballou Senior High School in Washington D.C. Ballou is very special to me as school librarian Melissa Jackson made such an eloquent case for her students’ need for more books. Her video, which shows so many empty shelves, really gave me reason to pause. There are probably more books in my house then Ballou has in this video and that is wrong in so many ways that I don’t even know where to begin.”

The post goes on to explain the current state of Ballou’s library, as well as the process by which Guys Lit Wire worked with Jackson in compiling a list of titles to meet the needs and wants of the students. “For example, HAMLET, a high school staple, is on the wish list, but you will find it in its original form, in the “No Fear Shakespeare” edition which includes a modern translation and in manga form for reluctant readers.”

There are 900 books to chose from; Guys Lit Wire works with Powells Books, so the “wish list” is located there. Guys Lit Wire explains the ordering and shipping process, which (like any registry) is important to follow so that people will know what books are still needed, the school doesn’t end up with a hundred copies of the same book, and to ensure the books get to the right place.

The book fair ends Wednesday, May 18th. Guys Lit Wire will be do updates on what is being purchased, as well as highlighting what still remains to be purchased.

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