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YALSA Nonfiction: Final Voting

After a couple weeks off (4th of July, Summer Blog Blast Tour), back to the YALSA Nonfiction Award Policies and Procedures!

We are almost at the end — this week, it’s Final Voting of Award Title.

Hoe does the final voting take place? It’s simple; here is the procedure from the YALSA website:

  • Oral ballots will be used and tallied either by the chair or her/his designee(s).”
  • “Members are reminded that, at this point, they are voting for the winner, NOT for honor titles.”
  • “On the ballot each member votes for her/his top three choices. First choice receives five points; second choice receives three points, and third choice receives one point. To win, a title must receive five first place votes and must also receive at least five more points than the second place title. If no title meets these criteria on the first ballot, any title receiving no votes is removed from consideration and a period of discussion of remaining titles follows. A second ballot is then conducted. Balloting continues in this fashion until a winner is declared.”

And you thought reading and award committees meant there would be no math! It’s actually quite mathy.

Next week: Honor Titles!

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