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Fab Films: Audience and Eligibility

I’m on the YALSA Fabulous Films Committee this year, and am in the midst of a series taking a closer look at the procedures and policies for that committee.

From the YALSA Website:

Audience: The list is a collection development tool for librarians and others serving diverse young adults ages twelve through eighteen.

Eligibility: To be considered for the list, films must be currently available for purchase in the United States. The film must be relevant in a noteworthy way to the chosen theme. In general, a whole film series will not be included on the list. Individual titles from a film series may be nominated and included. At the chair’s discretion, the committee may consider multi-part film programs. All segments must be previewed. Titles that are re-edited or re-released must contain a significant amount of new material to qualify for consideration and will be treated as new titles.

So, collection development tool, which suggests DVDs for purchase, but also means displays (online and in the library), discussion groups, and viewers advisory.

Films must be available to purchase in the US. A series cannot be included; but individual films from that series may.

Next week: Nomination Process

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