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Best of the Best Challenge at the Hub

Over at YALSA’s The Hub blog, the Best of the Best Challenge just started!

From The Hub website:

” The 2012 Best of the Best Reading Challenge will begin at 12:01AM EST on Sunday, April 1. Once the challenge starts, you’ll have three months (until 11:59pm on Saturday, June 30) to read as many of the 80 titles counted among YALSA’s 2012 Best of the Best as you can.”

The Hub has the detailed answers for the What books to read and how many have to be read to complete the challenge;

How to keep track  of and report back on the status of your reading;

Who can enter.

For full details, go over to The Hub and then start reading!

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  1. I couldn’t access the list from the provided link; it said you have to be a member to login. This has long been my biggest complaint against the ALA. It’s supposed to be an organization dedicated to sharing information and knowledge, yet its website is one of the hardest to navigate and much of the info is available to members only. Of course I can understand the need for keeping certain types of information confidential, but why in the world should a list of the “Best of the Best Books of 2012″ be blocked from the general public? You’d think the ALA would be thrilled that members of the public want access to this list of books.

  2. Okay, maybe I spoke too soon. I now see that non-members CAN access the list by filling out a form. It seems an unnecessary step, but the information IS available for free to anyone who fills out the form.

  3. Peter, if you google what you want specifically, you can go directly to that page and bypass the login/form. Even as a member, its tricky, because when you click the YALSA sign in link you actually get an error page and a new link etc. Cumbersome. Non members can fill out a form, and it’s my understanding that in addition to being on their mailing list, you have to fill out the form each and every time you want to get to those lists. Right now, going sideways is the best option — ie, “print honor titles” “yalsa best fiction lists” etc.