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Betsy’s Top 100 Lists

Have you been following along with Betsy Bird (A Fuse Eight Production) & her Top 100 Picture Book/Children’s Novels of all time?

A quick explanation: Betsy didn’t just run surveys and polls to create a Top 100 list of Picture Books and Children’s Novels. She also created individual posts for each title (those counting along at home realize that number is “a lot of posts”), including the various cover art, reader reactions, original reviews, trivia, etc. Each post is a gem. And now I’ve heard that SLJ is making it easier to enjoy and read through all those posts by producing decorative PDFs for each list.

The PDF can be for your own reading pleasure, for sharing with teachers and parents, for sharing with students. Each will link to Betsy’s extensive blog posts on each of the 100 titles and will include fuller descriptions of the top 10. People can sign up for notification when the PDF is ready (to be released July 23).

Wondering what the No. 1 of the Top 100 Picture Books of all time is? Go here. Want to sign up to receive the free PDF: Go here.

And what about the No. 1 in the Top 100 Children’s Novels Poll? It’s here. Sign up for the PDF here.

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  1. And… I’m slowly revealing the top author and illustrator vote-getters from those polls. I’ve already covered #1 Chapter Book Author, J. K. Rowling; #1 Picture Book Author and Illustrator, Maurice Sendak; and #2 Chapter Book Author, E. B. White. Follow along here:

  2. Sondy, I need to pull up the whole lists and count what I read & agree with. Thanks for your link!