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A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy
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Contest for Defy the Dark


Saundra Mitchell asked me to pass along this information about a terrific contest for new authors, with the winner getting published in an amazing anthology. It’s a pretty terrific opportunity for an unknown author, plus, it’s a great looking anthology to be a part of. The deadline is September 1st; so, yes, time is short but there IS time, […]

The Stone Girl Blog Tour

As you may notice, I don’t usually participate in blog tours. The ones I do tend to be for authors and books I love. This month, I’m posting as part of the blog tour for The Stone Girl, Alyssa B. Sheinmel‘s new book. I am a huge fan of Sheinmel’s writing; her use of language, the […]

Review: Ghetto Cowboy


Ghetto Cowboy by G. Neri. Candlewick. 2011. Audio: Candlewick on Brilliance Audio. 2011. Narrated by JD Jackson. Odyssey Honor Book. The Plot:  Twelve year old Cole’s mother doesn’t know what to do with Cole. He’s cut so much school that he may be left back, he’s getting into trouble, there’s nothing else for her to try […]

Flashback: August 2010

As a brief reminder, I’m flashing back to reviews from years past. Here is what I was reviewing in August 2010. Butterfly by Sonya Hartnett. Candlewick Press. 2010. My review: “Plum wants. She wants her friends to like her, she wants to be thinner, she wants to be prettier, she wants to be the most important […]