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A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy
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Flashback November 2007

I’m flashing back to reviews from years past. Here is what I was reviewing in November 2007.

I can’t believe this, but . . . I reviewed exactly one book that month. I KNOW. How times have changed.

Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer by Laini Taylor. Illustrations by Jim Di Bartolo. 2007. From my review: “Magpie Windwitch is a faerie who likes adventure. She travels the world with her clan of crows, hunting for lost magics, trapping escaped devils. It’s a lot more rough and tumble than the lives of most faeries, but she is the granddaughter of the West Wind, after all. It’s adventure, and it’s exciting; and she thinks she is hunting just another devil. Except this one was trapped by one of the great Djinns, something unheard of. This devil is darkness and shadow; it dates back to before the legendary fighter Bellatrix, before the world began. Magpie is in over her head. Or is she?”

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  1. charlotte says:

    The Faeries of Dreamdark books are still my most favorite of anything Laini has written! I hope someday she continues the series.

  2. Angela Carstensen Liz B says:

    Charlotte, there was only two, right? Maybe after she’s done her current series she’ll return to it!

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