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A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy
Inside A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy

Review: Pale


Pale by Chris Wooding. Stoke Books. 2012. Reviewed from ARC from publisher. The Plot: The Pales have white hair and skin and spooky eyes. They are the fortunate, or unfortunate, ones who have received the Lazarus Serum that brings them back from the dead. Their heart stops beating, they don’t breath, they are dead . […]

Flashback November 2010

I’m flashing back to reviews from years past. Here is what I was reviewing in November 2010. Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler. 2010. Little Brown. From my review: “Fixing Delilah is not “oh noes, this thing happened eight years ago, here it is eight years later, sorry, all better now.” Oh, the book begins eight […]

Recap: The National Book Award Finalists


When the National Book Award Finalists were announced, it turned out I hadn’t read any of the five finalists for young adult literature! In a way, this meant I was lucky because I could read each book looking for why it was given a nod by their fellow authors, the NBA judges. Of course, it […]

Review: Endangered


Endangered by Eliot Schrefer. Scholastic. 2012. Review copy from publisher. The Plot: Sophie, 14, is in Congo (the Democratic Republic of Congo) visiting her mother, who runs a sanctuary for bonobos. During the school year, she lives with her father in America. Sophie saves a young bonobo who she names Otto; she cares for him, […]


old house

First things first: I’m fine. My family is fine. Our house, the one I share with my sister, fine. We got power back after five days; the worst damage we suffered was a ripped porch screen and a neighbor’s fence in our yard and a lot of branches to pick up in the yard. The […]

Review: Bomb


Bomb: The Race To Build – And Steal – The World’s Most Dangerous Weapon by Steve Sheinkin. Flash Point, an imprint of Roaring Brook Press, a division of Holtzbrinck Publishing. 2012. Edited to add that this is a Finalist for the YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults Award. Edited to add: Newbery Medal Honor book; […]

Blog the Vote


Better late than never, right? Originally, this was supposed to get posted on November 2, as part of Chasing Ray’s Blog the Vote blog series. It’s not that I didn’t believe that Sandy would be as bad as everyone said; it’s just that in pre-Hurricane planning, finalizing the draft post I had prepared got put on […]

Review: The Crown of Embers


The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson. Greenwillow Books, an imprint of HarperCollins. 2012. Sequel to The Girl of Fire and Thorns. The Plot: Elisa, 17, is the Queen of Joya d’Arena following the death of her husband, the King. Her stepson, the Prince, is too young to reign. Being a Queen isn’t easy:  she […]