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A Little Pop

Yes, I confess to having a google alert set up for Pop Goes the Library: Using Pop Culture to Connect With Your Whole Community (InfoToday 2008, co-written with Sophie Brookover). As you can see from the InfoToday website , Pop has been available in ebook format since this past summer. Yay!

Fun fact: it’s the same publishing family that published Boardwalk Empire by Nelson Johnson, the basis for the HBO series. I know!

I was thrilled to see Ruth Kneale include Pop Goes the Library in her list of resources in her recent post, Marketing in Libraries: Yes, It’s Up to You! As Ruth says, “There’s absolutely no reason not to use pop culture references in your own marketing efforts. You can make a connection to a large percentage of the population with a Hollywood reference, and once that connection is made, your value communications will go even better. Give it a try!”

Thanks, Ruth!

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