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Lists, Lists, Everywhere

As you’ve read over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading a lot of book awards and lists!

I love, love, love awards and lists. Have I read the books? How many?

Have I heard about the books?

For the books I haven’t read, especially this time of year, I optimistically keep them while I weed out the review copies of last year and the year before. Yes, I’ll be reading this year’s books but maybe I’ll have time for 2012 and 2011 books!

The lists are also motivation for 2013 reading: what types of books, what genres, have I not been reading? How should I change how I pick the books I’ll be reading in 2013?

What about you? Do you like awards and lists, and if so, why? Have I missed any awards or lists that include teen books?

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  1. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America announced nominees and the LA Times Book Prize…

  2. I love lists and have found some great books that way. Though this year’s winners, I’ve decided to add more nonfiction to my reading. I’ve always been more fiction heavy but in the past couple of years I don’t think I’ve read any nonfiction. Catching up with all of the BoB contenders will help me take that leap.

    Some more lists to add to your list of lists: Cybils and Nebula awards.

    • Elizabeth Burns says:

      I love the new books I’ve found through lists! Adding Cybils & Nebula to future posts.

  3. Australian YA awards:

    Inky Awards – teen judging panel
    Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year awards
    Prime Minister’s Literary Awards
    Some states have Premier’s Literary Awards
    Aurealis Award – speculative fiction

    • Elizabeth Burns says:

      Adele, thanks! Note to self: I should also check out the UK and Ireland and Canada ones… Anyone want to help me out with those?

  4. I like your #9 and #10! :)

    I got a brilliant idea to read all the Newbery Winners and Honor books (beginning with the present and working back). But then I thought I’d add the Printz books, since that’s a shorter list. Then, shorter still, I added the Morris. Then Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards, National Book Awards, Cybils, Battle of the Books contenders, Andre Norton Awards, Edgar Awards, LA Times Book Prize, Capitol Choices, Josette Frank Award, ABA Awards, Agatha Awards, Golden Kite Awards, Sibert Awards, Margaret A. Edwards winners, Teens Top Ten, Phoenix Awards, and Scott O’Dell Awards. I guess it’s gotten waaaaay out of hand! I’ve got a giant spreadsheet with a sheet for each award. It only lists the books I haven’t read. I’m not being systematic about which award winner to read next, but I am cycling through my book reading so that about every sixth book I read is an award winner.

    So, yeah, I like awards and lists!

  5. I *love* book lists. Especially children’s/YA lists. I have no idea why…maybe I’m just too lazy to seek out good books on my own.

    • Elizabeth Burns says:

      I don’t call it lazy, I call it not reinventing the wheel and helping get that TBR pile under control!

  6. I’m somewhat obsessed with lists, so thanks for listing all of these. I picked up a couple new ones to check out.

  7. Oh, how could I have forgotten to list (hee) Betsy Bird’s (Fuse 8) lists: Top 100 and Best of (Year). Not an awards list but great list based on well reasoned and knowledgeable reviews.

  8. Elizabeth Burns says:

    Katy, I’m glad I’m not the only one obsessed!

    Eliza, OFF COURSE Betsy’s lists!

  9. Liz, the single best index I’ve found to the Canadian awards is on the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s site – at
    They have an alphabetical list with links to pretty much EVERYTHING.
    -Arthur Ellis (Juvenile Crime)
    -Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People
    -Governor General’s Literary Award
    -All of their lists (including the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award)
    -CLA YA Book of the Year Award
    -White Pine (Forest of Reading for High School readers)

  10. Canadian Library Association just announced the shortlist for their 2013 Young Adult Book Award.