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Flashback September 2008

What was I reading in September 2008?

The Mark of the Horse Lord by Rosemary Sutcliff. From my review: “Phaedrus looks exactly like the missing Midir. Why not put him on the throne instead, and remove Liadhan from power? So Phaedrus pretends to be Midir — pretends to be King — and gets more than he bargained for as he begins to realize what it means to be a King. Non stop action. Chapter One, we get a mother’s suicide, gladiator fights, freedom; Chapter Two, a drunk night on the town resulting in fights, stabbings, and fire; Chapter Three is prison and the Midir plan. There’s barely a place for Phaedrus or the reader to breathe. Yet, within all that action, Sutcliff includes many details about the second century Britain. Once Phaedrus agrees to the plan, there’s a lot he has to learn. And he keeps finding out that that there is even more involved than he thought.” And the ending! The ending! I’m still haunted by it.

Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky. From my review: “On the surface, this is a “my first boyfriend” book. As this, it is good — Dom and Wes meet cute, there are semi dates, miscommunication, finally dating! And then the sex, and then college starts. This book is deeper than “first boyfriend,” and while it’s told in first person by Dom, there is a lot that isn’t told and is up to the reader to realize, figure out, or conclude. Some of it is stuff that Dom herself never quite realizes.”


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