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Holiday Traditions

Some traditions are ones that have been around forever; some are ones that people just do because they’ve always done them.

Last year, I decided to start a new tradition for my niece and nephew. Inspired by something I saw in Martha Stewart, I decided to create a gift advent calendar. A gift a day through December, counting down to Christmas.

It’s just a mix of silly things: tape, pencils, pens, bookmarks, erasers.

If you click through to see the Martha Stewart inspiration, you’ll see my version is much less crafty and polished than Martha Stewart.

Any suggestions for little things to use? I have about fifteen odd things gathered, but still need more!

What are some of your favorite new or old traditions?


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  1. Very cute idea.

  2. Well, we always have a family breakfast on Christmas instead of a dinner. After breakfast, we open gifts. For a new tradition, I wanted to have the family decorate the tree on Thanksgiving while dinner finished being prepared. Didn’t get to do it because of illness and fatigue.

    • Elizabeth Burns says:

      I’m always so tired Thanksgiving evening but it is a good idea, when everyone is around!

  3. I always give mine chapstick. I buy a package of three and different flavors for each one.

  4. Michaels has great bins of small items. Word search and cross word puzzle books are good or small inexpensive puzzles.

  5. I had a mini-stapler and mini-staples I loved as a child.

  6. My mom did this for me the first year I was away at college. It was a great taste of home. I’m trying to remember what I got – post-its I think; variety of candy type stuff; batteries (although those aren’t necessarily cheap); a little Golden book with Christmas theme – one of the cheap, little paperbacks; colored paperclips; tiny size nail polish. The target by me has $1 bins near one of the exits that might have cute stuff.

  7. Blake Doherty (@blakedoherty) says:

    Stickers! Kids love stickers.

  8. Melissa Posten says:

    I don’t know if you still need ideas, but Target always has a big stocking stuff selection, typically behind their candy area. Lots of great little stuff.

  9. Elizabeth Burns says:

    A big “thank you” for all the ideas!