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A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy
Inside A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy

Flashback March 2008

flashback 3

A flashback to what I reviewed in March 2008: Quid Pro Quo by Vicki Grant. From my review: “Cyril is probably the youngest person to attend law school: “I started going to law school when I was ten years old.” But, wait for it — “I love saying that. I love how people look at me like, this guy […]

Round 1, Match 5

And so we enter week two of the Battle: Hokey Pokey v March Book One, Judge Tom Angleberger My prediction: “Didn’t read either one, I picked March Book One.” I won’t leave you wondering: I didn’t pick the right one. The right one is apparently “Peter Pan times Pilgrim’s Progress times the Teletubbies.” Which leaves me […]

Hey, Girlfriend


Jessica Spotswood‘s post at Stacked Books about Positive Girl Friendships in YA got me thinking. About books with friendships between girls, and what those books are usually about, and when and how the friendship matters to the plot and the characters. And what does it mean when I say, “I’d like to read a book […]

Round 1, Match 4

On to match 4: Far Far Away v Flora & Ulysses, Judge Sarah Mylinowski. My prediction: “Once again, I go with the book I read:Far Far Away.” And I’m back in the game, baby! So, yes, Mlynowski is now my new favorite. (You may notice that I am rather free with my “favorites”.) Is she […]

Power and Policies and Ages


Frankly, I wasn’t sure what to call this post. Or even to post. Over this weekend, I read a bunch of posts about Sexual Abuse Allegations and the YouTube Community. YA Flash has a summary of events, if you want to read more. Also, these two articles from the YouTube Gazette, one on power relations […]

Round 1, Match 3

And now, it’s time to look at the third match of the present round: Doll Bones v Eleanor & Park, Judge Lauren Oliver. My prediction was: “Doll Bones, because. I also think Eleanor & Park will be the “oh, I cannot believe it lost so early” book.” And — I was wrong. But first, let’s look a bit at what happened […]

Film Review: Veronica Mars


About this time last year, I posted about the Veronica Mars Kickstarter. And now? Now, I’m happy to say I’ve been to see the movie and love it! I’ve actually seen it twice: once in the theater, and once at home.   I will keep the spoilers to a minimum. But there will be some. […]

Revisiting Harriet The Spy

harriet 2

Are you with me? Here’s the plan: I’m going to reread Harriet the Spy, in honor of her Fiftieth Anniversary. Then, I’ll share my chapter by chapter reactions to my reread. If you want to join me, I plan on doing this starting Monday, March 24. And, of course, it can be either a reread […]

Flashback March 2009

flashback 3

A look back at what I reviewed in March 2009: Mothers & Children. From my review: “This is a smaller book [than a coffee table book]; more intimate, less showy, easier to hold, to look at together, to share. The photos are of mothers and children, small and grown, from around the world and different […]

Round 1, Match 2

Drum roll for the second match of this round: Boxers & Saints v A Corner of White, Judge Yuyi Morales My prediction: “Having read Boxer & Saints, that’s what I picked.” And guess what: ONCE AGAIN I WAS RIGHT. Let me say one thing. OK, it’ll probably be more than one thing. You know me. One […]