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A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy
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SLJ BoB: Stars v Grandin

Can I just say, first, how much I’m adoring the artwork for the individual matches? Now, onto Judge Deb Caletti’s decision for The Fault is in Our Stars v Temple Gradin. What was my prediction? “The Fault in Our Stars. I have read neither book, but Caletti is a young adult author and Fault is […]

SLJ BoB: Endangered v Lucky

Another decision came down last week: Endangered v Three Times Lucky, Judge Kathi Appelt. As you recall, my prediction was “Endangered. Appelt has written about animals. Endangered has animals.” So, what did Appelt say about the animals? “This uncertainty is apparent in every move she makes, with the exception of her almost psychotic attachment to […]

SLJ BoB: Verity v Titanic


Code Name Verity v Titanic was judged today by Margarita Engle. My prediction was Code Name Verity. Now, it’s been an exciting day — The Veronica Mars Movie Project Kickstarter, the Death of Google Reader, a new Pope — and amid all that, even more terrificness because as hoped/dreamed/wished, Code Name Verity advances! Let’s take a […]

SLJ BoB: Bomb v Wonder

The first match has been decided! Bomb v Wonder, judged by Kenneth Oppel. My guess: “Prediction: Bomb. I have not read Wonder, and since Oppel has written historical fiction, I thought, hey, he might like the history book.” Long story short? I WAS RIGHT!!!! Let me gloat for having a perfect record of guessing in […]

SLJ BoB Predictions


While in the past I have made SLJ BoB predictions, I have never shared them publicly. This year, I am going to show you just how bad I am at “guess the winner.” For full information on all titles and judges, check out the School Library Journal’s Battle of the Kids’ Books webpage. If I’ve […]

SLJ Undead Poll


In SLJ BoB, one book goes against another, with a celebrity author judge deciding who will move up to the next round, with the final round being the two surviving books. So, it’s all about the judges, right? Right. And wrong. Those of us following SLJ BoB have some input into who makes it to […]

Battle of the Kids’ Books


Do you know what time it is? It’s time for School Library Journal’s Battle of the Kids’ Books, aka BoB! Why, what is BoB? Excellent question. Sixteen children’s and teen books from the prior year are selected; each title “battles” the other, with a celebrity judge reading the two books and selecting a winner. Those […]

Big Kahuna

Match: Keeper v The Ring of Solomon  v A Conspiracy of Kings Judge: Richard Peck And now, it comes down to this. Three books enter, one book leaves. Who. will. win? Better yet — why? Why will one book be selected over another? Peck brings both humor and insight to his judging: “We seem to have awakened into a new […]

Round Three: Solomon v Trash

Match: The Ring of Solomon (my review) v. Trash Judge: Karen Cushman Cushman has wonderful things to say about Trash, calling it a “marvelous story of trust, resilience, perseverance, friendship, and ultimately hope.” Cushman then examines…. Oh, forget it. I have tried to be clever and coy by not revealing what the judges pick for […]

Round Three: Cardturner v Keeper

Match: The Cardturner v. Keeper Judge: Grace Lin Listen to this — no, really! LISTEN. Lin both read and listened to the two books in this round, The Cardturner and Keeper. Lin, on those differences: “To save time, I listened to many of them on audio book while I worked on illustrations or commuted. One […]