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YALSA Fabulous Films

I’ve gone through all the policies and procedures of the YALSA committee I’m currently on, Fabulous Films for Young Adults. As a reminder, the theme of this year is survival and there are already many films on the nomination list. Want to nominate a title! Her is the nomination form!

Fab Films: Criteria, Continued

From the YALSA Website, more Suggested Selection Criteria: Content Is it well organized? Is the script well written and imaginative? Is it timely or pertinent to young adult needs and interests? Is the treatment appropriate for the subject: (e.g. animation, dramatization, documentary). Utilization Will it stimulate and maintain interest? Is the format, vocabulary and concept(s) […]

Fab Films: Criteria

What should committee members be thinking about when watching the films? From the YALSA Website, Suggested Selection Criteria Technical Qualities Is the photography effective and imaginative? (e.g. choice and handling of visuals, composition, color, focus, exposure, special effects). Is the sound acceptable? (e.g. good fidelity and synchronization, realistic sound effects, relevant interplay between sound track […]

Fab Films: Distribution of the List

More from the policies and procedures for YALSA’s Fabulous Films Committee. From the YALSA Website: Distribution of the List: It is YALSA’s aim to achieve as wide a distribution of the list as possible. The list will be made available to the library press through ALA’s Public Information Office. It will be sent to Booklist […]

Fab Films: Creation of the List

From the YALSA Website: Creation of the List: Committee members are encouraged to nominate and view titles prior to the ALA Midwinter Meeting and to discuss those titles on the committee discussion list.  All selection decisions for the YALSA Fabulous Films for Young Adults List will be finalized at the annual Midwinter Meeting. Members must […]

Fab Films: Acquiring Titles for Screening

Continuing my examination of the rules and procedures for the YALSA Fabulous Films Committee: From the YALSA Website: Acquiring Titles for Screening: The administrative assistant will automatically assign a committee member to view titles that meet list criteria which are favorably reviewed in Booklist, School Library Journal, Science Books & Films, SLJ Directory of Current […]

Fab Films: Committee Composition and Function

Continuing an examination of the policies and procedures for the Fabulous Films Committee: From the YALSA Website: Committee Composition and Function: The committee will include nine members, including the chair, appointed by the YALSA Vice President/President-Elect. Members are appointed for two-year terms, and the chair is appointed to a one-year term. The current YALSA President […]

Fab Films: Nomination Process

Continuing a look at the Fab Films Committee, from the YALSA Website: Nomination Process: The nomination period runs from the end of ALA Midwinter to December 1 of the same year. Nomination forms will be available from the YALSA Web page. Titles may be nominated by committee members as well as from the field. Field […]

Fab Films: Audience and Eligibility

I’m on the YALSA Fabulous Films Committee this year, and am in the midst of a series taking a closer look at the procedures and policies for that committee. From the YALSA Website: Audience: The list is a collection development tool for librarians and others serving diverse young adults ages twelve through eighteen. Eligibility: To […]

Fab Films: Philosophy and Purpose

From the YALSA Website: Philosophy and Purpose: YALSA believes that access to library collections which reflect young adult interests and needs is essential and that multimedia formats are necessary to accommodate varied interests. The Fabulous Films for Young Adults List is tangible evidence of YALSA’s recognition of the belief that moving images play an important […]