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Not On The Yarn: Daniel Handler


Colby: Last week Travis shared an episode of Longform with me that featured Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. Many people consider her the greatest interviewer in the universe. I agree with those people. After listening to the episode, I went over to the Fresh Air feed to see if the show had featured any interesting guests lately. I was presently surprised to see Daniel Handler’s name near the top of the list.


Terry interviewed Daniel a couple of times in the past, and this episode features content from both interviews. The episode begins with a glowing review of the new Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix show. My favorite part of the episode is when Daniel pulls out his accordion and plays a song he wrote about Count Olaf.

I’m hoping that we’ll have an episode with Daniel on The Yarn in the future, but until then you’ll have to settle for Daniel being interviewed by the world’s best interviewer.

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