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Review: It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex!

For children who love facts–and a thrill–dinosaurs rule. Learning about these creatures is the perfect pursuit for these youngsters: what other animals are as enormous and terrifying and (conveniently) extinct? It’s no surprise that several apps on these fearsome animals are available. Here’s one from Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex!–Smithsonian’s Prehistoric Pals

Platform: iOS 3.0 or later; Android
Version: 1.08
Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
Author: Dawn Bentley
Illustrator: Karen Carr

K-3-Join a female Tyrannosaurus rex as she hunts for lunch one day during the Cretaceous period. Will she catch a Quetzalcoatlus? Battle a Triceratops? Or be satisfied with a baby Ankylosaur?

Dawn Bentley’s short book, illustrated by Karen Carr (Soundprints, 2003), has been adapted into a pan-and-zoom picture-book app. Beyond the sound-effect track (flapping wings, volcanic rumblings, roars, etc.) and available narration, the app does not add much to the book–there’s  no extra content and the only interactive feature is a tap-to-pronounce-the-name option.

In addition, the text does not acknowledge recent theories that T. rex may not have been so much a hunter as a scavenger, and the dinosaur’s keen eyesight–by no means an accepted fact– is noted twice.

National Geographic’s Ultimate Dinopedia and Britannica Kids: Dinosaurs apps feature more content and more interactivity, are updated with new material, and are more likely to be returned to again and again.–Paula Willey, Pink Me