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Review: The Going to Bed Book for iOS

Sandra Boynton’s The Going to Bed Book was first published in 1982 and since then its soothing rhyme has lulled many youngsters to sleep. While the book’s audience is preschoolers, the app is likely to be enjoyed by slightly older siblings as well–it contains one of the most delightful interactive features I’ve encountered. This version of The Going to Bed Book also has the distinction of being the first app launched with an author signing event.


Title: The Going to Bed Book
Author: Sandra Boynton
Produced by: Boynton Moo Media and Loud Crow Interactive, Inc.
Platform: iOS 3.2 or later
Version: 1.2
iPad Price: 2.99
iPhone Price: 1.99

PreS-K-Activate The Going to Bed Book and what do you see? A setting that suggests the top a preschooler’s bed: a soft pink toy, a few crayons, and the bright blue cover of Boynton’s board book resting on a flannel blanket. A small notebook next to the book offers appsters two choices: they can let “the big guy” read or read to themselves. After hearing Billy J. Kramer’s sonorous, evenly paced narration, it’s bound to become the preferred option.

Boynton’s ark of cheerful animals proceed through their evening ritual: they go below deck to take a bath, put on their pajamas, brush their teeth, and so on. Viewers help them along by hanging up towels, opening drawers, and turning on the hot water (which steams up screen after screen until the tap is turned off). Bright red arrows indicate where and when to turn spigots and lights on and off.

Tilting the iPad will rock the boat, while tapping screens causes fish to jump, characters to climb stairs, a porthole to close, and text words to be repeated. A swipe turns each page with a click. By app’s end, the screen has darkened, the narration is softer, and the “Start Over!” option beckons. One reading of this app may not be enough.–Daryl Grabarek, School Library Journal