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Review: ‘Leo the Lightning Bug’ for i0S and Android


If you’re interested in building an app library be sure to visit your favorite developers’ websites and follow them and School Library Journal on twitter. Along with new products, you’ll find out about free apps, and occasionally, sales. Right now Oceanhouse Media, Inc., the developer of Leo the Lightning Bug and a collection of Dr. […]

A New APP Award

Each year since 2007, the Children’s and Young Adult Literature blogger community has presented awards (CYBILS) to authors and illustrators “whose books combine the highest literary merit and ‘kid appeal.’” When asked to explain, the CYBILS team responds, “If some la-di-dah awards can be compared to brussel sprouts, and other, more populist ones to gummy […]

Review: Roxie’s Doors for iOS


Roxie Munro’s ‘Doors’ is now a highly interactive iPad app.

Review: “Hurray for Pre-K!” for the iPad


Ellen B. Senisi’s Hurray for Pre-K!’ is now an app.

Review: ‘Knights and Castles’ for iOS


Britannica’s ‘Knights & Castles’ app combines a useful menu of short, clear articles about medieval life and the Arthurian cast of characters with photos, activities, and a map.

Review: ‘Penguin’s Family’ for iOS


Now an app, Kathleen M. Hollenbeck’s ‘Penguin Family’ will enlighten children about the life, habits, and vulnerability of the Humboldt penguin.

Review: ‘Five Little Monkeys with Nothing to Do’ for iOS


‘Five Little Monkeys With Nothing to Do’ for iOS: In this straightforward adaptation of Eileen Christelow’s book, the rambunctious creatures help their mother prepare for Grandma Bessie’s arrival.

Review: Encyclopaedia Britannica’s ‘Snakes’ for iOS


If you’ve never seen a cobra spit or a sidewinder slither, you might want to take a look at the fascinating video footage in this app. In addition to Snakes, Encyclopaedia Britannica Kids has produced eight nonfiction apps for ages 8-12, including Ancient Egypt, Volcanoes, and Solar System. Today’s review will be followed by one […]

In Paris with a Murderess


Drama of historical proportions, an awesome guide, and games and challenges, what more could a teen on vacation ask for? In Beware Madame La Guillotine (Time Traveler Tours, LLC) Sarah Towle offers iPhone and iPod users a tour through the streets of Paris with stops at the sites associated with the French Revolution and the […]

Review: ‘Biscuit’s First Trip’ and ‘Biscuit’s First Sleepover’ for iOS


Alyssa Satin Capucilli’s frisky yellow pup, Biscuit, is off on adventures in two iPad apps.