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Review: Roxie’s Doors for iOS

If you’re curious about the book-to-app process, take a look at OCG’s illustrated posts on the “Making of Roxie’s Door.” Each page of Munro’s book was digitally “dissected” then rebuilt to create a 3-D effect. Added next were animation, movement, interactivity, and sound. Pretty cool stuff.

Screen shot from 'Roxie's Doors' (Munro) OCG Studios

Title: Roxies Doors
Author: Roxie Munro
Developed by:
OCG Studios and Roxie Munro Graphics
iOS 3.2 or later
Version: 1.0
Price: $2.99

PreS-Gr 1-Open the doors to find hidden objects in nine scenes from a fire station and a train to a doctor’s office and a space station. Can children find the flashlight? The stethoscope? The notebook?

This app, based on Roxie Munro’s Doors (Chronicle, 2004), retains the bright colors and detailed drawings of the print version. Behind each enticing door there are cabinets, drawers, and latches to open and 7-11 items to find. Background sound effects and animation add to each scene (a mouse squeaks and scurries, a horse neighs), along with an optional accompanying narration in two different voices.

Tilting the iPad will cause views to shift, the train and the boat to rock, and other movements. Viewers know they have found one of the listed objects when the text word turns green or the item lights up with a lightning-bug glow. Children may find the request to find “a hat and an apple, too” in each scene (including the space station) a bit repetitive.

The app presents children with a highly interactive seek-and-find experience. The smooth menu interface allows users to control audio settings and move quickly between scenes. At times, however, the interface is slow to respond, especially when trying to open and close the doors.

Roxie’s Doors is both entertaining and engaging, but it’s likely that only the youngest children will return once all the objects are found.-Wayne Cherry, Jr., First Baptist Academy, Houston, TX