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Review of ‘Poky Little Puppy’ for i0S

Many children and parents were first introduced to this endearing canine in a grocery or department store line. The Poky Little Puppy was issued as a Golden Book in 1942 at an affordable 25 cents and found in a number of retail outlets; to date it has sold millions of copies. Is it possible to improve upon a classic? Read what our reviewer Rebecca Sheridan has to say.

Title: The Poky Little Puppy
Author:  Janette Sebring Lowrey
Illustrated by: Gustaf Tenggren
Developed by: Random House Digital, Inc.
Platform: iOS, requires 3.2 or later
Version: 1
Price: $3.99

PreSThe Poky Little Puppy, familiar to generations of children, is now available in digital format. Accessing a menu tab visible on each screen, children may choose from several options to experience this story of a pup, his four siblings, and their adventures digging in their yard. “Auto-play” allows for continuous narration and features a pleasing adult female voice and automatic page turns. In this mode text words are highlighted as they are read. “My Voice” prompts children to read and record their own narration. Both “Sound Effects” and “Narrator” can be switched on and off. Page turns are accomplished easily with a swipe of the finger and page navigation is also available in the menu.

Delightful interactive features, which include a hissing snake, a chirping grasshopper, and musical flowers, complement the original art and are seamlessly integrated with the text and narration. Tapping an icon located in a corner of each screen will elicit a developmentally appropriate question encouraging children to identify colors, numbers, or objects. Correct answers are rewarded with a sticker that is stored in an album. This is an app that will be returned to again and again as viewers explore the multiple ways to experience the story.—Rebecca Sheridan, Easttown Library & Information Center, Berwyn, PA