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Review: ‘A Duck in New York City’ for the iPad


When reviewing apps, I ask School Library Journal‘s reviewers to consider many points: storyline, narration, visuals, audio, enhancements, and navigation, among others. Today’s reviewer, Nicole Politi, posed a question to me. When readers hear the word app, do they assume a certain amount of interactivity? Do you? One of my favorite apps for the picture-book […]

Review: ‘Hello! Hello! I’m Snowman Joe’

snowman joe

A snowy landscape, a snowman, and a wish feature in Stephanie Fife’s ‘Snowman Joe’ app from HippoARToMus Books.

Review: National Geographic’s ‘7 Billion’ for i0S


It’s estimated that the world’s population will reach the seven billion mark by the end of 2011. National Geographic acknowledges this mark of ‘7 Billion’ with an app by that title.

Review: ‘Marcel the Shell with Shoes On’ for iOS


To date, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, created by Dean Fleischer-Camp and Jenny Slate, has received more than 13 million hits on YouTube. Last week Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, Two made it’s appearance answering what Marcel wants “but he’s not going to beg for,” what he reads, and why he’s always smiling. […]

Review: ‘van Gogh and the Sunflowers’ for the iPad


Laurence Anholt first published this story in a print version in 1994, and it’s based on a real-life encounter the artist had with a village postman and his son. The app was developed by Auryn, Inc., the creators of the digital version of Edsel McFarlan’s New Car, and the award-winning Teddy’s Day. van Gogh and […]

Review: ‘The Magic School Bus: Dinosaurs’ for iOS


Since the first “Magic School Bus” title was published in 1986, waves of elementary students have plunged into places, systems, and eras as wide-ranging as beehives, waterworks, and the Triassic period with the inimitable Ms. Frizzle and her intrepid students. Dinosaurs is the second app produced that’s based on this popular series. In this  interview, […]

Review: ‘My First Classical Music App’ for the iPad


‘My First Classical Music App’ offers a rich and colorful exposure to composers, compositions, and instruments.

Review: ‘Champions’ and ‘A Very Special Wish’ for the iPad


The meaning of friendship is key in the action-packed, gentle animal tales in the ‘The Super Friends’ series published on the Piccolo Picture Books app bookshelf.

Review: ‘Liesel Gets a Sister’ and ‘Liesel’s Birthday’ for the iPad


The Piccolo Picture Books bookshelf includes several companion titles. Liesel is the star of the two apps reviewed today and Liesel Learns to Swim, which will join the others on the bookshelf soon. Find out more about Piccolo Picture Books and the bookshelf trend in our blog entry posted two days ago. Title: Liesel Gets […]

Review: ‘Dinner for Two’ for the iPad


Two mosquitoes are on the prowl for a juicy birthday dinner in Sanne de Bakker’s ‘Dinner for Two,’ now an iPad app on the Piccolo bookshelf.