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Review: William Joyce’s ‘The Numberlys’


‘Numberlys’ (Moonbot Studios) is a cinematic story with a gorgeously rich orchestral soundtrack, punctuated by more than 20 activities, in which numbers are forged, hammered, and stretched into the 26 letters of the alphabet.

The Challenge and the Opportunity

On Monday, publishers, agents, developers, and authors convened at the Children’s Publishing Goes Digital Conference in New York City to discuss the rapidly evolving world of digital publishing for children. The full day of panels and presentations was hosted by PublishersLaunch in partnership with the Digital Book World Conference & Expo. Representatives from trade (Scholastic, […]

Review: ‘Skulls’ from Touch Press for iOS


Skulls (Touch Press) is an elegant, fascinating app, uniquely shaped by the strong essays of Simon Winchester, stunning photographs by Nick Mann, and the quirky audio notes of skull collector Alan Dudley.

‘If I Ran the Zoo’ A 1951 Caldecott Honor Title


It seems fitting that we look at a Caldecott Honor title on the day that the American Library Association committees announce their 2012 award winners. If I Ran the Zoo was the recipient of a 1951 Caldecott Honor Award. How does Dr. Seuss hold up 61 years later? You may be surprised. Read on. Title: […]

Review: ‘The Little Red Hen’


Remember the “Little Golden Books?” This is the second title in that series to be issued in digital format by Random House Children’s Books and Smashing Ideas, Inc. Janette Sebring Lowrey’s bestselling The Poky Little Puppy (1942), illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren, was the first. We reviewed that title here last September. Title: The Little Red […]

Review: Sandra Boynton’s ‘Barnyard Dance’


Lucky for us and the preschoolers who love her books, Sandra Boynton’s “secret ambition” of becoming a rock star never came to be “realized.” Fortunately, some of that talent has been channeled into musical collaborations with Michael Ford. Together the two have released successful book / CD sets including issued Philadelphia Chickens (2002) and Blue […]

Review: ‘The Artifacts’ for iOS


The narration of ‘The Artifacts’ app is automatic, but in order to find dialogue and explore the teen protagonist’s thoughts and surroundings, readers must experiment with tapping and tilting, stroking and shaking. Not all enhancements are intuitive, giving the app experience a welcome exploratory quality.

REVIEW: ‘The Pirate Koostoe’


This story about a boy’s  misguided dream is wrapped in a message. Title: The Pirate Koostoe: A Tales of Midlandia Storybook Author: Michael Scotto Illustrator: The Ink Circle Developed by: Midlandia Press Platform: iOS, requires Version: 1.1.111216 Price: $2.99 K- Gr 2-Set in the seaside community of Midlandia, this story centers on boyhood dream of […]

Review: ‘Our Amazing World: Penguins’


Who knew “penguins are incurable kleptomaniacs…?” I didn’t. From the chinstrap, with its distinctive black stripe, to the king, with its colorful markings, this app presents fascinating facts about a number of these aquatic birds. Younger students would also be interested in Kathleen M. Hollenbeck’s Penguin’s Family, which examines the life and vulnerability of the […]

Review: **Bobo Explores Light**


I’m a sucker for embedded instructional videos and Bobo has quite a few (don’t miss the one on lightning), as well as screen after screen of terrific graphics. There’s also a quirky robot host that kids will love. I can’t wait to see where Bobo’s interests take him next. Title: Bobo Explores Light Author: Craig […]