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‘And to Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street': the app

On its website, Oceanhouse Media notes that 27 publishers rejected Mulberry Street before it found a home with Vangard Press in 1937.

Title: And to Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street
Dr. Seuss
: Katie Leigh
Developers: Oceanhouse Media Inc., Dr. Seuss Properties & Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.
iOS, requires 3.0 or later; Android
Price: $2.99 in all platforms

PreS- Gr 2-In Theodor Geisel’s 1937 debut title, little Marco strolled down Mulberry Street in a marvelous blend of whimsical artwork and sophisticated text. Seventy-five years later, Oceanhouse Media takes a new generation of readers on a slightly altered path, complete with street noise, shuffling feet, and softly falling confetti.

While walking to school, Marco seeks interesting sights to share with his father. But his view is a boring old horse and wagon. “That’s nothing to tell of, that won’t do, of course…” and Marco imagines a much more elaborate scene, changing the horse and wagon into a zebra and chariot and then finally into an elephant with a sleigh.

Readers have three reading choices: “Read to me,” “Read it Myself’” or “Auto Play.” Words are highlighted as they are spoken and images pan and zoom. When pictures of various items are touched, their labels appear on the screen and are voiced, a feature emergent readers will appreciate. In the “Read it Myself” mode, unfamiliar words can be tapped, highlighted, and pronounced. Background sound effects, such as wagons rolling over cobblestones enhance the overall sensory experience. However, there’s a menu option to turn off the sound effects if so desired.

The eight-minute auto play length is adequate time for Geisel’s signature artwork to unfold in vibrant color. Voice actress Katie Leigh’s animated narration strikes the perfect balance of silly and sublime, making this truly a “story no one can beat.” Celeste Steward, Alameda County Library, Fremont, CA