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Sesame Workshop: “How to Reach and Teach Preschoolers with Digital Books”

Sesame Workshop was founded in 1968 as a non-profit educational organization and since then their mission has been “to entertain children and help them learn by using whatever media tools are available: television, computers, and now all manner of digital devices.” Apps and ebooks are their latest venture.

The “Great Battles” Series by Amber Books


Books on weaponry and warfare are perennial favorites in libraries. If it’s difficult to keep titles such as Ronald J. Drez’s Remember D-Day (National Geographic, 2004) on your library shelves, consider these apps. They offer clear, detailed maps depicting the progress of the invasion and/or battlefield maneuvers. In the apps, maps are are both animated […]

APPlications: One High School’s Learning Tools


Daniel Greene is the Library Media Specialist at the U-32 Middle and High School in Montpelier, Vermont. I asked him about the population he works with, and the apps his upper-grade students are using. Here are his comments on some of U-32’s curriculum-related apps. Many of these apps are free. “Serving five small towns in […]

APPlications: One Jr. High School’s Tools

On Wednesday, we heard from Elisabeth LeBris, the Director of Technology Services in District 38 in Kenilworth, Illinois, about the apps employed by her K-6th grade students. Today Lindsay Cesari, a librarian at the Durgee Junior High Library & Learning Commons in upstate New York, shares information about her school and the free and low-cost production […]

APPlications: One School’s Learning Tools

I recently asked a few Touch and Go reviewers to tell me a little about their schools, some of the apps they have downloaded, and their experiences with them. I thought I would share their responses with you. If there are products that you find useful and would like to tell us about them, feel […]

Eileen Christelow’s ‘Five Little Monkeys Go Shopping’


Children know that where there are monkeys there’s bound to be mischief and Eileen Christelow’s ‘Five Little Monkeys Go Shopping’ app doesn’t disappoint.

National Geographic’s ‘Building Titanic’


A don’t-miss, free National Geographic app on the building of the Titanic.

Byron Barton’s ‘Planes’


‘Planes’ is the first Byron Barton title to become an app and it rises to the occasion.

Review: ‘Hattie the Backstage Bat’


Several reviewers have commented on how popular Auracle’s personalization features are with children. These features allow users to record their own voice reading the story and/or modify it. Modification can be minimal—changing the name of a character, or a few words here and there—or, it can be extensive—rewriting the story using the illustrator’s artwork as […]

Review: ‘PopOut! The Tale of Benjamin Bunny’


Beatrix Potter’s stories never grow old; each generation discovers and cherishes them anew. This digital version of The Tale of Benjamin Bunny is guaranteed to charm children, but like many well-designed apps it’s also one that will send them looking for a print edition—to hold and to pore over the pictures. Benjamin Bunny is the […]