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Review: ‘PopOut! The Tale of Benjamin Bunny’

Beatrix Potter’s stories never grow old; each generation discovers and cherishes them anew. This digital version of The Tale of Benjamin Bunny is guaranteed to charm children, but like many well-designed apps it’s also one that will send them looking for a print edition—to hold and to pore over the pictures.

Benjamin Bunny is the fourth app in Loud Crow Interactive’s “PopOut!” series, which features spring-loaded enhancements.

Screen shot from 'The Tale of Benjamin Bunny' (Potter) Loud Crow Interactive

Title: The Tale of Benjamin Bunny
Beatrix Potter
Illustrated by: Beatrix Potter
Series: PopOut! 
Developed by:
Loud Crow Interactive Inc.
iOS, requires 3.2 or later; Android, requires 2.2 and Up
1.0; 1.0
Price: $4.99

PreS-Gr 2-Potter’s classic tale (Warne) of mischievous rabbit receives new life in this charming interactive storybook. Benjamin’s adventures begin when he visits his aunt and cousins, and he and Peter Rabbit set off to find some chamomile, stopping to retrieve Peter’s shoes and coat in the McGregor’s garden. The app’s interactive elements range from the simple—characters that hop or squeak with a tap to the screen—to the more complex—animals that slide across the screen when viewers pull tabs (similar to those found in a well-constructed pop-up book). For example, on one page, footsteps appear in as Benjamin and Peter move through the garden; on another page, Old Mr. Benjamin Bunny leaps onto the scene. A few simple animations (falling leaves, etc.) are also employed.

The story is enhanced by pleasant background music and a superb, evenly paced narration. In the “Read to Me” mode words in the story are voiced when tapped, a handy feature for emergent readers and ELL students alike. This is a first-rate production that will be enjoyed by fans of Beatrix Potter and those encountering her stories for the first time.—Wayne R. Cherry, Jr.; First Baptist Academy, Houston, TX