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Eileen Christelow’s ‘Five Little Monkeys Go Shopping’

File this app under math. Along with a bit of bedlam there’s a lesson in addition and subtraction.

Title: Five Little Monkeys Go Shopping
Eileen Christelow
Developed by:
Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
Platform: iOS, requires 3.1 or later; Android 2.1 and Up; Nook
Version: 1.08; 1.23.3

PreS-Gr 1-Children know that where there are monkeys there’s bound to be mischief and the lively background music that opens this story sets the tone for the mayhem that follows. On a trip to a department store for school clothes and supplies, this brood of monkeys keeps wandering off from their Mama. The title’s (Clarion, 2007) use of bright, primary colors and the app’s panning, zooming, and chattering animal sounds further enhance the spirited mood.

As monkeys go in search of a water fountain and encounter friends, viewers are introduced to addition and subtraction problems on the screen. Tapping the creatures allows users to count them, or identify other characters and story elements. While the story is predictable (a store clerk offers a solution…or so she thinks), the professional narrator’s voice quality and tone ensures interest.—Janet Swanson, Social Circle Primary School, Social Circle, GA