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The “Great Battles” Series by Amber Books

Books on weaponry and warfare are perennial favorites in libraries. If it’s difficult to keep titles such as Ronald J. Drez’s Remember D-Day (National Geographic, 2004) on your library shelves, consider these apps. They offer clear, detailed maps depicting the progress of the invasion and/or battlefield maneuvers. In the apps, maps are are both animated and narrated, and students of history will be enthralled.

Title(s): D-Day 1944; Gettysburg 1863; Pearl Harbor 1941
Author(s): Martin Dougherty; Martin Dougherty; Chris Mann
: Martin Caren
Great Battles
Developed by:
Amber Books Ltd./MSM Studio
Platforms: iOS, requires 5.0 or later; Android 2.1 and Up
Version: iOS: 1.5, 1.51, 1.5; Android
Price: $.99; $1.99; $1.99

Gr 5 Up-Each app begins by answering five basic questions—who, what, where, when, and why—followed by a thorough and compelling description of the major events. Once the facts are laid out, the real action happens on the battlefields, where animated maps show and explain the staging and progress of the conflicts in minute detail.

Interactive capabilities include photo galleries and multiple-choice quizzes to test users’ newly acquired knowledge. Gettysburg features a detailed account of the background, course of action, and aftermath of this pivotal Civil War battle. D-Day has an animated map outlining the progress of the Allied landings. Pearl Harbor contains a collection of captioned photographs and artwork of ships, aircraft, and pilots, as well as a chart detailing each maneuver of opposing forces. Martin Caren’s crisp audio commentary is available throughout, although a touch can turn it off easily. Great for research or military strategy enthusiasts, these titles offer history in a concise, colorful, and interactive package.Celeste Steward, Alameda County Library, Fremont, CA