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Review: ‘May I Have a Kiss?’

This enhanced story, which is available in five languages, will be appreciated by preschoolers.

Title: May I Have a Kiss?
Marianne Busser and Ron Schröder
Illustrated by: Alex de Wolf
Developed by
: Unieboek | Het Spectrum B. V. and Mobile Generation
iOS, 4.2 or later
$4.99, Purchase through the Piccolo Bookshelf app

PreS-Gr 1-Mouse is in search of the owner of the special kiss. Was it Fox or could it have been Squirrel? Mouse decides to kiss everyone that attended the masquerade ball to find out who delivered that kiss.

Detailed illustrations in rich tones guide readers from the animals’ return home from the ball in the early morning hours in “masks and feathers, hoods and hats” through to Mouse’s surprise discovery at the story’s end. Children can choose to listen or read Kiss in English, Dutch, French, German, or Spanish. They may also choose to play it in the “learn to read” mode. In this option, viewers will see the words highlighted in blue as they are voiced. Sound effects include a doorbell ringing, a clock ticking, birds chirping, and a rooster crowing, among others. Tapping on a word will restart that page’s narration, while tapping on creatures or objects will elicit additional sound enhancements (some loud) or slight movements. Pages are turned by swiping the screen or tapping the clearly marked arrows in the upper left- and right-hand corners of each page. This sweet digital tale must be purchased through the Piccolo Bookshelf app.Andrea Lynn Pavlik, Youth and Parent Services Librarian, Huntington, NY