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‘The Brooklyn Bridge,’ ‘The Parthenon,’ and The ‘Taj Mahal’: Mikaya Goes Digital

In her “Wonders of the World” series (Mikaya Press), author Elizabeth Mann has been exploring humankind’s greatest architectural and engineering feats. Now those titles, known for their superb visuals and accessible texts, are available for the iPad.

Review: ‘Mini-Monsters’ Up-Close with Earwigs, Mites, and Lice

Whether or not you like getting up-close and personal with insects, you won’t be able to resist this app. I can’t think of a better way to introduce students to the world of microscopic (and slightly larger) creatures. Title: Mini Monsters Illustrated by: Steve Gschmeissner, Eye of Science, Power and Syred Developed by: Partners, […]

Review: ‘Tate Modern Art Terms’ A Guide for iOS

In ‘Tate Modern Art Terms’ for iOS Simon Wilson defines the media and movements of the past century and a half of art.

‘That’s the One!’ and ‘Show Offs’ Multilingual Picture-Book Apps from Piccolo Books

These two apps from Piccolo Picture Books each offer listeners five language options. For additional multilingual choices from this developer, see our related posts. Title: That’s the One! Author: Petra Heezen Title: Show Offs! Author: Tjibbe Veldkamp Illustrator: Wouter Tulp ea. title: Developed by: Unieboek I Het Spectrum B. V. and Mobile Generation Platform: i […]

Review: ‘Sally Goes to the Beach’ by Stephen Huneck

With temperatures predicted to reach the mid 90s in New York today, I think Sally has the right idea. Title: Sally Goes to the Beach Author: Stephen Huneck Illustrator: Stephen Huneck Published by: Abrams, 2000 Developed by: Trajectory, Inc. Platform: iOS, requires 4.0 or later; Nook; Android, 2.2 and up Version: iOS, 1.0.4; Android 1.0.6 […]

‘Dragons!’ A Stumble of Bloodthirsty Creatures for the iPad

‘Dragons!,’ an app produced by Amber Books, presents 20 foul-smelling, fearsome creatures, drawn in full color with careful attention to detail. With literary references galore, this title will be appreciated by readers young and old.

Review: ‘Trixie and Jinx’ by Dean Koontz

In Dean Koontz’s Trixie and Jinx golden retriever Trixie is forlorn when her best pal, Jinx, an adventurous dachshund, goes on a seaside vacation with his family.

Review: “The Gift” by Andrea J. Buchanan

Andrea J. Buchanan’s ‘Gift’ is an multimedia experience incorporating text, music, art, and video. It’s the first book with an “author-sanctioned” Minecraft map.

Review: ‘Frankenstein’ – by Dave Morris – “a sophisticated take on a classic”

Dave Morris’s ‘Frankenstein’ (Inkle, 2012) is a sophisticated interactive companion to Mary Shelley’s classic horror story.

Review:”Builda the Re-Bicycler”

In “Tales of Midlandia” author Michael Scotto has created a series of stories about a fictional island and its citizens. The message-driven tales deliver lessons on bullying, the “real treasures in life,” and recycling. We reviewed another app in this series, The Pirate Koostoe, earlier this year. Title: Builda the Re-Bicycler Author: Michael Scotto Published […]