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Review: ‘American Presidents and First Ladies’

While embedded videos and plentiful images offer a look at presidents in action, factual errors and typos mar this app. Title: American Presidents and First Ladies Author: Marc Schulman Developed by: Multieducator, Inc. Platform: iOS, requires 5.0 or later Version: 1.0 Price: $.99 Gr 5 Up-Every president from George Washington to Barack Obama is featured […]

Review: ‘Mini-Monsters’ Up-Close with Earwigs, Mites, and Lice

Whether or not you like getting up-close and personal with insects, you won’t be able to resist this app. I can’t think of a better way to introduce students to the world of microscopic (and slightly larger) creatures. Title: Mini Monsters Illustrated by: Steve Gschmeissner, Eye of Science, Power and Syred Developed by: Partners, […]

Review: ‘Tate Modern Art Terms’ A Guide for iOS

In ‘Tate Modern Art Terms’ for iOS Simon Wilson defines the media and movements of the past century and a half of art.

‘Dragons!’ A Stumble of Bloodthirsty Creatures for the iPad

‘Dragons!,’ an app produced by Amber Books, presents 20 foul-smelling, fearsome creatures, drawn in full color with careful attention to detail. With literary references galore, this title will be appreciated by readers young and old.

Review: Minds of Modern Mathematics

‘Minds of Modern Mathematics,” an app based on the IBM exhibit created by Charles and Ray Eames.

Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy

I make no secret of my admiration of the work of Touch Press. Ever inventive, each app they have produced introduces an innovative feature or two that enhances the presentation at hand. Our reviewer Kathleen Wilson describes those found in Anatomy in her comments below, and Martin Clayton, Senior Curator of Prints and Drawings at […]

Review: ‘Fragile Earth’ for iOS

In addition to detailing the devastating effects of natural phenomena such as hurricanes and cyclones,the ‘Fragile Earth’ app also offers then-and-now aerial images of areas effected by urbanization, mining, and global warming.

Review: ‘DK The Human Body’ for the iPad

When it comes to science topics, my feeling is, the more visuals the better. If some of them are videos, I’m even happier. DK The Human Body includes a few of those, and some simulations. Consider projecting these on a big screen in front of your classroom; in addition to being enthralled, your students are […]

Review: National Geographic’s ‘Our World’ for the iPad

‘The World by National Geographic’ app is a hybrid globe and atlas that will put the world at students’ fingertips.

Review of ‘British Library 19th Century Collection’ for the iPad

The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom and the repository of more than 150 million items. This app, which is free, offers approximately 100 titles from its collection. For a modest monthly fee, subscribers have access to thousands of additional books in the public domain. While students will be fascinated by […]