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Unreviewed but not Forgotten

“Hey Mark” (a hypothetical reader asks) “how do you choose what you review around here?” Unfortunately, chance and timing play a big role. There are of course hundreds of books every year that could be reviewed on this blog that we simply never hear about or never get a copy of. But what about books […]

New Books from Alex Award Winners

Last year around this time I looked at a far-from-complete list of new books by Alex Award winners to see which ones we had reviewed and might be reviewing. Today, I show my compulsive side by trying to put together a complete list of every 2014 book by a former Alex winner. Altogether, I found […]

More News on The Griots of Oakland

Last week, I posted our review of The Griots of Oakland, edited by Angela Zusman, lamenting that the book hasn’t gotten more attention, and hey, what do you know, it’s gotten some more attention!  It has now been nominated for YALSA’s Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults list.* I also wanted to point out that the […]

Experimental Fiction

Last week I asked how explicit is too sexually explicit for teens.  This week I want to ask a similar question about form rather than content: how experimental is too experimental? This question, like last week’s, was keyed to a book I was reading, Book III, edited by Joshua S. Raab, and published by theNewerYork […]


Readers of this blog might be interested to know about a new short story by Madeline Miller called “Galatea.”  Miller wrote one of our favorite books of last year, The Song of Achilles.  With this story she returns to the world of Greek myth, this time to the story of Pygmalion, which many of us know […]

Alex Winners: Where Are They Now?

As I sat at home last weekend, not going to ALA and the Alex Awards Program,  I started thinking about how many books by former Alex Award winners we’ve looked at this year.  In my head, it seemed like a lot, but I thought I should actually crunch the numbers.  So, here they are, for […]

AB4T First Encounters: Kate Chopin

In our continuing series on the first adult books we read as teens, one of our newest reviewers, Meghan Cirrito, talks Chopin’s The Awakening, a book that I had trouble reading as a college sophomore.  Go Meghan! It is difficult to remember when I stopped reading books for kids my age and when I started reading […]

AB4T First Encounters: Harlequin Romances

In our ongoing series about our first encounters reading adult books, reviewer Amy Cheney discusses many of her favorites as a young teen, but offers a special shout out to the power of Harlequin Romances.  For more thoughts on Romance novels, check out this fascinating article from The Atlantic, discussing the genre’s ongoing interaction with […]

AB4T First Encounters: Grocery Store Novels

In our continuing series on the first adult books we read as teens, reviewer Jamie Watson talks about the limited access she had to adult novels: When did I start reading adult books? I’ve thought about this question before, because I’ve used it as in icebreaker in workshops before. Especially in the “OMG the GOSSIP […]

AB4T First Encounters: Smith, Smith, Mitchell, and Bronte

And now for another installment of Adult Books 4 Teens: First Encounters, our reviewers’ thoughts on the first adult books they read.  Today’s guest post is from Sarah Flowers: I remember four books as my first adult books. They may not have been the very first I read (like Diane, I’m sure I read Readers’ […]