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AB4T First Encounters: Kate Chopin

In our continuing series on the first adult books we read as teens, one of our newest reviewers, Meghan Cirrito, talks Chopin’s The Awakening, a book that I had trouble reading as a college sophomore.  Go Meghan! It is difficult to remember when I stopped reading books for kids my age and when I started reading […]

AB4T First Encounters: Harlequin Romances

In our ongoing series about our first encounters reading adult books, reviewer Amy Cheney discusses many of her favorites as a young teen, but offers a special shout out to the power of Harlequin Romances.  For more thoughts on Romance novels, check out this fascinating article from The Atlantic, discussing the genre’s ongoing interaction with […]

AB4T First Encounters: Grocery Store Novels

In our continuing series on the first adult books we read as teens, reviewer Jamie Watson talks about the limited access she had to adult novels: When did I start reading adult books? I’ve thought about this question before, because I’ve used it as in icebreaker in workshops before. Especially in the “OMG the GOSSIP […]

AB4T First Encounters: Smith, Smith, Mitchell, and Bronte

And now for another installment of Adult Books 4 Teens: First Encounters, our reviewers’ thoughts on the first adult books they read.  Today’s guest post is from Sarah Flowers: I remember four books as my first adult books. They may not have been the very first I read (like Diane, I’m sure I read Readers’ […]

AB4T First Encounters: Reader’s Digest

In our continuing series on first encounters with adult literature, here’s a guest post from reviewer Diane Colson: My mother’s collection of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books was my first library. By third or fourth grade (circa 1965,) I had pretty much read all of the chapter books in our tiny juvenile section at the public […]

AB4T First Encounters: Stephen King

Over on my personal blog, my mom, co-blogger, and Adult Books 4 Teens reviewer, Sarah Flowers, has a post up about a workshop on YA servives she’s teaching.  As an icebreaker, she asked participants what books they were reading when they were 15.  My response is somewhat muddled, because I don’t remember my reading from that particular […]