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Two Very Different Memoirs

An Age of License

When I picked up An Age of License a couple months ago, I had not read Lucy Knisley’s Alex Award-winning graphic novel Relish. (We did not review Relish for AB4T last year–we thought it was a YA publication.) I read An Age of License all in one sitting, and basically fell in love with it. The next morning I checked Relish out of […]

Weekly Reviews: New Look Snow White

Today we have two brief books, each a “fractured fairy tale” version of Snow White.  First up, Catherynne Valente’s Six-Gun Snow White shares connections with a couple of recent posts on this site.  As the first half of the title should make clear, it shares with Six-Gun Tarot a Western setting, but also partakes of the same intense genre-blending […]

Cartoons of the Writer as a Young Woman

Flannery O'Connor

from our weekly graphic novel guest blogger, Francisca Goldsmith: Flannery O’Connor’s perceptive but incising fiction has captured many young intellectuals. Here is a storyteller who writes fluidly but with the sharpness of whitewater rather than a gentle stream. In bringing O’Connor’s earlier cartoon work to contemporary readers, Fantagraphics advances the case for image and text […]

A Perfect Crossing

Wandering Son

from graphic novel guest blogger Francisca Goldsmith: Takako Shimura has a well earned reputation as a sensitive and sensible LGBT cartoonist. Bringing her 2003 series to American readers asks that readers in the U.S. be as sensitive and sensible.  The gender orientations of eleven-year-olds just isn’t the stuff of stories here.  In fact, it is […]

Oil and Water

Oil and Water

from graphic novel guest blogger Francisca Goldsmith: Unlike teens in many other cultures, Americans are shy about discussing the ramifications of class. Teens recognize that some of their peers may be significantly better or worse off than themselves, and feel discomfort with the lack of parity. Making the stretch to recognize that, while one acts […]

The Real Horror Lies Within

The Hidden

from graphic novel blogger Francisca Goldsmith: The appeal to many teen readers of horror as a genre is sometimes ascribed to many finding it relevant to the physical changes they undergo: increasing size and morphing body shapes taken to the extreme, new powers run amok.  This week’s reviewed graphic novels go far in pointing up […]

21: The Story of Roberto Clemente


In his new graphic novel, Wilfred Santiago captures the game of baseball, the life of one of its greatest players, and the culture in which Clemente lived. This is also the story of a humanitarian, and a man who struggled against racism. The book has a stylish website that mirrors the look of the graphic novel. […]