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Lockstep & Goodhouse

Two excellent science fiction titles today, both featuring teen male protagonists. Lockstep is a hard SF romp that, despite its sophistication, could have been published for a YA audience. Karl Schroeder is a well-known and respected Canadian science fiction author whose output is entirely adult, so his publishers probably did well to keep him in […]

Fiction about War


Roxana Robinson‘s Sparta joins last year’s excellent additions to literature about war (both of which ended up on our Best of the Year list — The Yellow Birds and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk). Like those novels, Sparta‘s power comes from an examination of what happens when a young soldier returns home. Her research into the […]

Speculative Fiction


Baba Yaga is a witch of Russian folklore, and Toby Barlow bewitches with his new novel — our starred reviewof the day. His first, Sharp Teeth, was a 2009 Alex Award winner, a story of werewolves in L.A. told entirely in verse. Babayaga is (mostly) straight prose, and offers quite a combination of genres–spy thriller, […]

Weekly Reviews: The Ones that Got Away

A Fort of Nine Towers

You know what’s hard about managing a book review blog? Mailing away those books that you know you would love — if you only had the time. So today’s theme is books I wish I had kept for myself to review. (I’m only half joking!) First up, The Fort of Nine Towers. This book is a […]

Thoughts on Alex: Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore

Mr. Penumbra's

Karyn Silverman, half of the genius behind Some Day My Printz Will Come, joins us to write about the last, lone Alex Award Winner yet to be covered here on AB4T. Take it away, Karyn! Angela and Mark have been covered all of the Alex winners at this point except one. And because Angela saw me […]

Thoughts on Alex: Caring is Creepy and Girlchild

Caring is Creepy

Four of the ten 2013 Alex Award winners were not reviewed here on AB4T, for various reasons. Mark has already written about one of them: One Shot at Forever by Chris Ballard. Today I take on two more. I’m not going to lie. Just looking at the cover and reading the description of Caring is […]

Weekly Reviews: Fiction Set Around the World

Sweet Tooth

This week we present three literary novels set outside the United States — in Mexico, Cambodia and England — that make great suggestions for mature teen readers. Juan Pablo Villalobos was born in Mexico, where Down the Rabbit Hole takes place. At just 75 pages this novella is a powerful experiment in voice, one that would […]

American Gypsy: A Memoir

American Gypsy

Oksana Marfioti (née Kopylenko) has succeeded in writing a funny and creative coming-of-age memoir, one that encompasses the immigrant experience, an inside look at Roma culture, and one doozy of a dysfunctional family. (Her father moves to the U.S. hoping to play with B.B. King but ends up telling fortunes and performing exorcisms. Quite lucrative in L.A., […]

Little Century

Little Century

This week’s starred review, Anna Keesey‘s debut, incorporates the traditional elements of the classic western or frontier novel. This is a genre that has been well-represented in adult books with teen appeal — I’m thinking of Alex Award-winning novels such as Ivan Doig’s The Whistling Season and Thomas Maltman’s The Night Birds. Last year’s The Little […]

Poems, Elizabeth Bishop


Please enjoy the last of our National Poetry Month reviews, a couple days late. BISHOP, Elizabeth. Poems. 352p. Farrar. 2011. pap. $16. ISBN 978-0-374-53236-9. LC 2010038535.   Adult/High School–Bishop (1911-1979) received many honors, including the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Critics Circle Award, and the National Book Award for Poetry in 1970 for her Complete […]