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Continuing Mystery Series

Today we look at two entries in continuing mystery series – both also parts on ongoing multi-media franchises. The much older of these is, of course, Sherlock Holmes. When last we talked, I mentioned Holmes’s semi-unique place as a character who has leaped the bounds of his original stories. What I didn’t know at the […]

The Queen of the Tearling

Is The Queen of the Tearling the next Harry Potter? It is certainly one of the big debuts of the summer. The first in Erika Johansen’s fantasy trilogy releases tomorrow, but many readers are already aware of the book. This is largely thanks to movie news–Harry Potter alumni Emma Watson and David Heyman committed to […]

Family Drama and Mental Illness

Today’s books are about family, relationships, secrets, and coming-of-age. Both move back and forth in time, and include characters suffering from mental illness. Sarah Cornwell‘s debut novel, What I Had Before I Had You follows a mother’s memories back into her own turbulent adolescence. The thread that connects past and present is bipolar disorder, which […]

Weekly Reviews: Stranger Than Fiction

A possibly insane man who was acquitted of murdering his wife’s lover because the jury found it to be justifiable homicide, and then went on to play one of the most crucial roles in the early development of motion pictures.  A teenage assassin who has been blamed (both then and now) for igniting the precipitating […]

An Uncommon Education

We’re starting off the week with Elizabeth Percer’s coming-of-age debut novel. Percer is a poet, and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize three times for her short stories. One draw here for young adult readers is the peek into life at the exclusive Wellesley College, and its mysterious Shakespeare Society. Percer herself is a […]

The Flight of Gemma Hardy

Jane Eyre is the perfect coming-of-age novel, if you ask me. To read a 20th century retelling is a joy. And this is not just any retelling, but a beautifully written one that dovetails back and forth with the original, sometimes staying close, sometimes wandering farther afield. The Flight of Gemma Hardy is a great book […]

Don’t Breathe a Word

Today a review of Jennifer McMahon’s new paperback original. I quite enjoyed her 2007 coming-of-age novel, Promise Not to Tell (Harper), so I was happy to see that this one also has teen potential. Both novels will appeal to teens who enjoy a good, creepy mystery. MCMAHON, Jennifer. Don’t Breathe a Word. 464p. Harper. 2011. […]

The White Devil

Another creepy gothic mystery today. It seems to me that gothic is trending right now. Just within the last couple months we’ve reviewed The Distant Hours, The Girl Who Would Speak for the Dead, and Bent Road. Justin Evans offers forbidden romance, a boarding school setting, murder, ghosts, secrets, and Lord Byron. Harper dubs it “Joe […]

Lost in Shangri-La

“On May 13, 1945, twenty-four officers and enlisted men and women stationed on what was then Dutch New Guinea boarded a transport plane for a sightseeing trip over “Shangri-La,” a beautiful and mysterious valley surrounded by steep, jagged mountain peaks deep within the island’s uncharted jungle. But the pleasure tour became an unforgettable battle for survival when […]

When We Were Strangers

In our third debut novel of the week, this one a paperback original, Schoenewaldt offers a traditional 19th-century coming to America story. What captured my attention was the writing — never a false step — a first-person narration that gives the reader a portal into the past, a peek at the cities of America in […]