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Emma: A Modern Retelling

Last Halloween, as I was trick-or-treating with my kids, I ran into one of my teen volunteers, who was dressed like this: I didn’t immediately recognize the costume and I asked her who she was dressed as. Her reply–“Um, it’s from a movie? It’s called Clueless“–caused my wife an I to gape for two reasons: […]

A Few Seconds of Radiant Filmstrip

I mentioned in our Best Books of the Year so far post that “If I’d had a week longer, I would have been able to list a tremendous memoir which we’ll be featuring here shortly.” Well, it’s been shortly, and here it is: Keven Brockmeier’s A Few Seconds of Radiant Filmstrip. As a mention below, […]

Truth & Responsibility

All three of today’s books are concerned with learning the truth and/or facing responsibility. In Ben Dolnick‘s At the Bottom of Everything, young Adam is trying to avoid facing the mistake he and his best friend made as teenagers. If he could only take responsibility for it, he would be better off. So would his […]

Meta: a good home for the teen mind

from graphic novel guest blogger Francisca Goldsmith: Adolescent development entails huge leaps in how the nervous system and brain are able to process and work with input. Depth perception improves, abstract thinking skills become increasingly refined, and maturing teens are able to consider how facts and circumstances influence each other.  If ever there were a […]

Blind Sight

Meg Howrey’s debut is a coming-of-age novel about a boy–for a change! My favorite quote about this novel comes from Meg herself, on the Largehearted Boy blog, “Somewhere along the way, what started as a kind of spin on classic heroes journeys and test-and-quest myths also became a love story between this father and son.” […]