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Gretel All Grown Up

At the opposite end of fairy-tale retellings from the gritty 2013 Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, comes this delightful cozy mystery, the first in a prospective series starring the same Gretel, grown-up and solving crimes. Regular readers know my affection for fairy tales and fairy tale retellings, and while I haven’t read this one yet, […]

From Medieval England to the 19th-century Austro-Hungarian Empire

Two exciting and very different historical novels today. First, a medieval murder mystery set in 1350 England. A 17-year-old is called home to run his family’s Manor after his brothers and fathers are killed by the plague. That’s hard enough, but then a young girl is murdered. We are not the only ones singing the praises […]

Detective Fiction Round-Up

Despite their obvious differences–fifth book in an ongoing series; first book in a projected series, based on a TV show and movie; standalone by a master of horror–the three books under review today share something more in common than their detective fiction trappings. All three should take little to no prodding to fly off your […]

Weekly Reviews: Strangerer Than Fiction

Last month, we looked at four stories too unbelievable not to be true, and I thought those would be the strangest stories I heard this year.  That was before I heard about Marina Chapman, for whom being raised by monkeys is only the beginning of her troubles–and not even the most trying.  She was also […]

Guest Post on Camilla Lackberg

Today we’re pleased to have a guest post from one of our regular reviewers Laura Pearle, who is here to discuss Camilla Läckberg’s fantastic series of mysteries.  Take it away Laura: Readers of mysteries know that small towns are deceptive – they’re not the safe places they should be.  Just look at St. Mary’s Mead and […]

Weekly Reviews: 2012 Thrillers

We may have settled on our Best Books of 2012 back at the end of November, but here we are in early January and we’re still finding great books from last year.  This week, we have three very different takes on thrillers that all bring to mind (for me anyway) the movies. First up is […]

Silver Like Dust: One Family’s Story of America’s Japanese Internment

Today I am very happy to introduce a book that is, so far, mostly flying under the radar. This is a wonderfully written memoir by a woman who slowly, gradually convinced her grandmother to share her past. And part of that past, the part that changed everything, was spent in a Japanese internment camp. Obaachan […]