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Dr. Mütter’s Marvels

Dr. Mutter's Marvels

We’ve suffered from a dearth of adult nonfiction for teens this year, but today I am thrilled to bring you a great recommendation. In fact, Dr. Mütter’s Marvels shares some of the very best qualities of Mary Roach’s iconic Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, especially a gross-out curiosity factor and great story-telling. Add a larger-than-life subject and […]

Mixed-Race Relationships

Everything I Never Told You

Today we have two stand-out novels involving race and immigration that are told from multiple points of view. Both involve the weight of parental expectations. Everything I Never Told You is Celeste Ng‘s debut novel, and our starred review joins other stars from LJ, Booklist and PW.  This is a dysfunctional family story in which […]

On the Run

The Flight of the Silvers

Last week I observed that it’s been quite a winter for science fiction, and today we share two more SF recommendations. Both feature an alternate history aspect and siblings on the run. In Daniel Price’s The Flight of the Silvers, six people watch as our world is destroyed before being whisked away to an alternate America. […]

A Trio of Thrillers

after her

Three great suspenseful reads today. Joyce Maynard bases her latest on a true crime spree that took place in the 1970s, the “Trailside Killings”. Her young teen narrator and her even younger sister decide to help their detective father catch the serial killer. The father-daughter relationship is a highlight of this one. Maynard created a […]

Weekly Reviews: The Power of Words

Why do some words have more power than others? Today we look at two very different ways of looking at that crucial question.  The first, Melissa Mohr’s Holy Shit, is an earnest, well-researched history of the most powerful words in the English language: curse words.  Some people (for example, me) have tried to claim that […]

Weekly Reviews: Literary Fiction

A Tale for the Time Being

Today’s reviewed novels are most likely to appeal to strong, mature teen readers looking for a challenge. Yet each includes a teen character, an authentic teen voice, that will keep the adventurous reading. The starred review belongs to A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. This novel is difficult to categorize. It begins […]

Weekly Reviews: Nonfiction for Browsing

Dancers Among Us

Teen behavior in libraries includes a lot of browsing. I have two different display spaces in my small high school library. Fortunately, one of them is right in front of my desk, so I often get the chance to watch students check out the latest books (surreptitiously, lest I scare them away!). Some will just […]

The Facility

The Facility

Simon Lelic‘s latest thriller presents readers with a near future Britain in which the government has gained too much power in the name of national security. (I reviewed Lelic’s first book, A Thousand Cuts, back in 2010. Quite a powerful novel about bullying.) Read an extract from The Facility here. LELIC, Simon. The Facility. 341p. […]



”I wanted to write a black existentialist novel, told in separate parts, that replicated some feelings I have had about being alive.” (from an interview on The Root) Zadie Smith is best known for her debut, White Teeth; NW is set in the same London neighborhood. NW refers to the area’s postal code, where its main […]

Good Graces

Good Graces

What is it with kids wanting to solve mysteries?  Maybe a warning should be added to the list of tried and true parental instructions: 1. Don’t talk to strangers. 2. Don’t investigate disappearances, burglaries or murders without adult supervision… Of course, this has been a popular device for ages. But this summer alone we have Pigeon […]