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The Homecoming of Samuel Lake

The Homecoming of Samuel Lake

With good old-fashioned storytelling, Jenny Wingfield sets up a classic struggle between good and evil in small town Arkansas. Homecoming has been widely compared to To Kill a Mockingbird, and its young protagonist, Swan, to Scout Finch. High praise! Although this is Wingfield’s debut novel, she is an experienced screenwriter, best known for “The Man in the Moon” […]

The Tragedy of Arthur

The Tragedy of Arthur

Today’s guest blogger is Mark Flowers. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed his reviews here, which over the last several months have ranged from graphic novels to fiction to nonfiction: Does it matter if a Shakespearean play was written by William Shakespeare or by a 20th century conman?  Does the value of a piece of art change […]

Horoscopes for the Dead & Poets House

Horoscopes for the Dead

Today’s guest blogger is Karlan Sick. Karlan and I served together on the Alex Awards committee for four years, and Karlan was always determined to find a book of poetry for the list. She introduced me to Poets House. At least once a summer, we would meet there and spend hours reading through potential collections, […]

The Tiger’s Wife

The Tiger's Wife

Much has been made of the fact that Téa Obreht was named as one of the National Book Foundation’s 5 under 35 and to the New Yorker’s Top 20 under 40. These are wonderful honors, and yes, Obreht is very young and talented. But what really matters is her writing. Her debut novel, The Tiger’s […]

The Power of Music

The Bells

The Bells is less about opera than about the power of music, the melodrama of being an outcast and a victim of thwarted young love. This is a book about a boy nearly overpowered by his senses and emotions.  For him, sound is a physical sensation. Teens, both artistic and not, may identify with the […]

First Novels


Several first novels stood out this year, many with appeal to young readers. Many of them have already been reviewed here:  Girl in Translation, The Girl who Fell from the Sky, The House of Tomorrow,  Matterhorn,  The Outside Boy, and The Vanishing of Katharina Linden. Let’s add one more. A paperback original, Finny is a coming-of-age novel […]

Hot Nonfiction Monday


I thought I would kick off the Thanksgiving holiday week with two nonfiction titles that are garnering both critical praise and a great deal of publicity.  They will likely end up in many a Christmas stocking this year. How do they stack up for young adult readers? First, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, the much anticipated new […]

Alternate History, in two parts

All Clear

Connie Willis considers her World War II alternate history/time travel saga to be one book. She calls it Blackout-All Clear, even though Blackout was published in February and All Clear in October. So we decided to publish one review encompassing both. While yes, both books are long (very long), there are teens out there who have no problem […]


Blind Descent

Today we review Blind Descent: The Quest to Discover the Deepest Place on Earth by James M. Tabor. I don’t know about you, but the last time I was in a cave was as a young teenager. One of those harmless tours, taken with my parents and brother as part of a family vacation. I […]