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Nonfiction Roundup

A group of nonfiction titles that includes something for everyone. Wes Moore is an advocate for youth, education, and veterans (see the 2014 PBS series Coming Back with Wes Moore). He became well-known in library and school circles with his 2010 debut The Other Wes Moore. Now he’s back with an inspirational book of life lessons, […]

Social Justice and Inequality

Two passionate nonfiction books top our week. Just Mercy is a memoir by Bryan Stevenson, a lawyer and activist, which focuses on his work as a co-founder of the Equal Justice Initiative–“a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides legal representation to indigent defendants and prisoners who have been denied fair and just treatment in the legal […]

The Weight of Blood

Laura McHugh‘s debut novel is set in rural, small-town Missouri, deep in the Ozarks. This dark coming-of-age mystery follows a 17-year-old girl determined to investigate the murder of a friend from school, a search which leads to the earlier murder of her own mother. Told from multiple perspectives, the novel’s strengths include its setting (the […]

Truth & Responsibility

All three of today’s books are concerned with learning the truth and/or facing responsibility. In Ben Dolnick‘s At the Bottom of Everything, young Adam is trying to avoid facing the mistake he and his best friend made as teenagers. If he could only take responsibility for it, he would be better off. So would his […]

Orange is the New Black

You know what would be cool? A time machine. Oh sure, we all want to go back and kill Hitler, but that’s not why I want one.  I just want to go back and post reviews of books years before a TV or movie adaptation makes them popular so I can go back to the […]

Dear Marcus: A Letter to the Man Who Shot Me

Jerry McGill’s inspiring short memoir tells the story of coping with disability and the injustice of a life changed in a moment. Originally self-published, Dear Marcus was acquired by an editor at Random House thanks to a piece in the New York Review of Books. That editor recently shared her story in The Ampersand, the […]


Just in time for Comic-Con, Grant Morrison’s Supergods publishes today. Morrison combines a cultural history of superhero comics with memoir. And who better? Morrison is a leading comics creator, perhaps best known for Batman: Arkham Asylum (DC Comics), but a prolific writer of many, many others including JLA, New X-Men, All-Star Superman and The Invisibles. Supergods […]

How I Killed Pluto

Mike Brown’s Twitter handle gives a good sense of his humor: plutokiller. He takes rather regretful glee in his role in the demise of Pluto’s planet status. He acknowledges the sentimental place in American hearts held by the smallest planet, and was sorry to be part of the change. Perhaps especially as it cost him […]

Wes Moore

As we reach the end of the year, I want to be sure to present reviews of books that should not be missed, that need to find their way into school and public library collections for teens. The Other Wes Moore is nonfiction that reads like a novel, a book that shows teenagers how much […]

Ape House

Sara Gruen’s first novel, Water for Elephants (Algonquin, 2006), was (and is) a huge success with both teen and adult readers. It was also an Alex Award winner. A few years ago, I had an interesting request. We were discussing what to read next in student bookgroup, and a senior asked that we choose something […]