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If you want to send me into paroxysms of terror and self-doubt, just send a 13-year-old up to me to ask me for a “funny book.”  Part of the reason that this is my least favorite reader’s advisory question is that humor is so personal–how do I know what this stranger in front of me […]

Weekly Reviews: Mid-year Graphic Novels

Today we have three very different graphic novels.  Matt Kindt’s Red Handed, a gorgeous, full-color novel with an intricately structured plot has been the source of a bit of debate.  Kimberly over on, while granting the novel’s interest, found its experimental structure ultimately frustrating.  And when I gave the book to one of my […]

The Boy is Father to the Man

The Underwater Welder

from graphic novel guest blogger, Francisca Goldsmith: Becoming a parent, as many teens know or will know too soon, can send one on an unexpected journey to one’s own childhood expectations of and disappointments in his own parent. Jeff Lemire, who has been lauded for his ability to expose the real humanity that underlies characters […]



Wednesday is guest blogger day here on Adult Books 4 Teens. Every Wednesday, you can look forward to one or more reviews from graphic novel expert, Francisca Goldsmith: Eating disorders, a teen (as well as adult) problem that regularly finds its way into both fiction and memoir, have appeared in several recent graphic novels.  Lesley […]

The Homeland Directive

The Homeland Directive

from guest blogger, Francisca Goldsmith: Here’s a graphic novel that has something for everyone without losing any one of its readers along the way or compromising its heavy punches. Venditti and Huddleston aren’t shy with their criticisms of invasive data collection on the part of the government, but in their hands this remains great storytelling […]