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Unexplored History

Today we look at two fabulous historical fiction works exploring historical periods unfamiliar to most Americans. First up is a starred review of Michelle Moran’s Rebel Queen, which tells the story of the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Specifically, it tracks the exploits of Rani Lakshmi, the queen of a smallish kingdom in northern India called […]

Survival Stories

My Name is Resolute

We know that many teens love survival stories for their pacing, suspense and the unexpected trials the characters endure. In both of these historical novels, a young person is displaced from home, loses parents and security, makes a journey into the unknown, and overcomes obstacle after obstacle.  My Name is Resolute is quite a tome, a […]

Two Books That Probe the Darkness Beneath

Today we look at two books that take very different looks at the dark secrets we keep. In Bittersweet, Miranda Beverly-Whittemore’s plays up the skeletons in the closets of the wealthy Winslow family for fun and entertainment: as a young college student begins to uncover the secrets of her new roommate’s family, the tone turns […]

Pressure to Succeed

Life in Motion

Today I’m combining two books about pursuing competitive, pressure-filled fields — dance and basketball. One is nonfiction, one fiction. Both are full of struggle, family difficulties, and the stress of expectations. Misty Copeland is a phenomenon, and her book is a gift to the many young people obsessed with ballet (or dance of any kind). […]

From Serial Killers to Fairy Tales

Cain's Blood

We do run the gamut here at AB4T. Quite a variety to introduce today, but all three fall under the broad category of speculative fiction. Let’s begin with our starred review, a blood-filled serial killer/government experiment-gone-wrong thriller, with an interesting twist. It was released alongside a companion YA novel — Project Cain — which is […]

Weekly Reviews: Great Spring Fiction

The Kings and Queens of Roam

Today we highlight three very different spring novels that all hinge on a crucial element of teen appeal — forging one’s own identity. Daniel Wallace is best known as the author of Big Fish. The Kings and Queens of Roam combines folklore and light fantasy elements with family drama, in particular that of two sisters […]

Weekly Reviews: Catching Up

Angela and I were talking last week about what a great year this is shaping up to be for adult books with teen appeal–we have a backlog of great books that we still want to review, and another list of books that we had to give up on getting to because too much time has […]

The White Forest

The White Forest

I first became aware of The White Forest at a Simon & Schuster preview where its editor spoke about her passion for this book. She called it her Night Circus. You can see Adam McOmber speak about his work in the book trailer, and The White Forest made The Book Smugglers’ Top 10 Most Highly Anticipated SFF […]

The Crown

The Crown

Nancy Bilyeau features a nun, actually a young novice, as the main character in her first novel, an historical thriller set in the Tudor period. This is another great recommendation for teen fans of Philippa Gregory, notable for taking readers beyond the royal court and into another important realm of the time — the monastery. […]

The Lady of the Rivers

Lady of the Rivers

Only two month ago I posted a review of The Women of the Cousins’ War, the nonfiction book Philippa Gregory shared with historians David Baldwin and Michael Jones. Now she releases a novel based on the life of Jacquetta, one of the women featured there. The Lady of the Rivers has many teen elements, from […]