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Continuing Mystery Series

Today we look at two entries in continuing mystery series – both also parts on ongoing multi-media franchises. The much older of these is, of course, Sherlock Holmes. When last we talked, I mentioned Holmes’s semi-unique place as a character who has leaped the bounds of his original stories. What I didn’t know at the […]

Detective Fiction Round-Up

Despite their obvious differences–fifth book in an ongoing series; first book in a projected series, based on a TV show and movie; standalone by a master of horror–the three books under review today share something more in common than their detective fiction trappings. All three should take little to no prodding to fly off your […]

The Cranes Dance

As stated in her website bio, Meg Howrey is a classically trained dancer who has performed with the Joffrey, Los Angeles Opera, and City Ballet of Los Angeles. She knows the competitive world of the ballerina and in The Cranes Dance, she shares it with her readers. For me, the best things about this novel […]

Machine Man

Australian author Max Barry’s Jennifer Government (Doubleday, 2003) was a Booklist Editor’s Choice for Young Adults and a School Library Journal Adult Books for Young Adults best of the year pick. In case you missed it, it is a satirical novel about a world where corporations rule, and a fall guy contracted to assassinate customers wearing $2500 […]