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Fiction about War


Roxana Robinson‘s Sparta joins last year’s excellent additions to literature about war (both of which ended up on our Best of the Year list — The Yellow Birds and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk). Like those novels, Sparta‘s power comes from an examination of what happens when a young soldier returns home. Her research into the […]

The Yellow Birds

The Yellow Birds

This week’s starred review is a powerful debut novel about the war in Iraq. Check out Kevin Powers’ website for lists of the honors and praise The Yellow Birds has already received, even though it releases tomorrow. The author himself joined the army in 1997 at age 17, and he writes with firsthand knowledge about young […]

Hot Nonfiction Monday


I thought I would kick off the Thanksgiving holiday week with two nonfiction titles that are garnering both critical praise and a great deal of publicity.  They will likely end up in many a Christmas stocking this year. How do they stack up for young adult readers? First, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, the much anticipated new […]

The View on the Ground


Nonfiction about the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq abound. Two books stand out for teen readers, both from the soldiers’ point of view. Last year’s Alex Award-winning The Good Soldiers by David Finkel (FSG, 2009), follows the troops of Battalion 2-16 and their part in the war in Iraq, specifically the surge of 2007. In […]