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Video Sunday: Pep

All righty.  Fun movie trailer time.  Thanks to 100 Scope Notes I was made aware of the brand new Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer that’s out and about (better check and see how many copies I have ready to go on my library shelf).  It’s a nice enough preview but I do have one objection.  That trailer needed about 500% more Eustace Scrubb.  He sort of gets forgotten in the midst of it all.  One hopes he’ll make a bigger presence on the screen.

And while we’re on the topic of movies, Debbie Reese of the American Indians in Children’s Literature blog recently posted this trailer for a documentary about how American Indians tend to be portrayed in cinema.  She says, “I think it holds great promise for helping critique portrayals of American Indians in the books we give to children.”  I for one like the editing.

I think I’ve cracked the whole can-only-embed-YouTube-videos conundrum.  My evidence: This interview between Jarrett Krosoczka and a fellow who goes by the moniker Daddy Clay from a V-Blog site called DadLabs.  Full credit to DaCla (and I shall now refer to him).  He knows how to pronounce “Krosoczka”.  Now let’s get Scieszka and Telegemeier on the show as well!

I was pleased as punch to see that Peter Sieruta of Collecting Children’s Books has gotten into the video game.  Not . . . not into a video game.  That would be bizarre.  Especially if it was Joust.  I mean, he’s gotten into creating his own videos for YouTube.  In this one, he shows us a gorgeous bookshelf-lined room, then pans across his collection of first edition (FIRST EDITION!) Newbery Award and Honor books.  Hoo-wee, mama!  Talk about a dream collection.

Recently I’ve started receiving books from the publisher Zondervan.  Generally speaking, Christian publishers don’t tend to dip their toes into the greater world of the Kidlitosphere, but Zondervan appears to be different.  For one thing, they’re not afraid to send a couple copies of titles to a relatively secular blogger for review.  For another, they get big names.  Names like “Nikki Grimes” and the like.  And to be perfectly frank, this little booktrailer may be one of the more sophisticated ones I’ve seen a publisher put out in a long long time.

As long as we’re watching book trailers, we may as well throw a fun one in there for spice.  Fair play to you, Stephanie Burgess!  This here’s a trailer with pep!

Actually, this what we call a modified trailer.  You can see the original here.  Notice what changed?  Yeah.  I’m sad too.

I had some ideas for my final off-topic post.  Then Matt pointed out that How It Should Have Ended (my favorite web series, if you could count it as a web series) just did the LOST finale.  If you haven’t seen the end of LOST, don’t you be watching this.  If you have seen it, though, enjoy.

Aw, Hurley.  I just wanna hug you.

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  1. Why ON EARTH did they change the cover for the MAGICK book?! You are so right – the first cover is so much more kid friendly. I guess marketing departments have their reasons…

  2. “Reel Injun” is a great film – very enlightening and entertaining.

  3. I’m sure we’ll get plenty of Eustace. The trailer is just focused on the characters viewers already know.

  4. Genevieve says:

    Whoa – on the 100 Scopes Notes link about Dawn Treader, it says that When You Reach Me has been optioned for a movie . . . .

    Must agree about the need for much more Eustace Clarence Scrubb. But I did like the look of the trailer.

  5. I agree about Eustace Scrubb in the Narnia trailer. I think that since he’s a new character, they downplayed him in it, and hopefully that’s not the case in the movie. I guess we’ll (eventually) see!